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4000 Motifs - Animal, Bird and Fish by GL Makkelem

4000 Motifs - Animal, Bird and Fish by GL Makkelem

Publisher: AST, Astrel | Year: 2008 | Pages: 384 

Format: jpg | Size: 157 mb 

Includes 4000 unique and original animal. 

It is a source of inspiration for artists, designers and craftsmen of all trades. 

Covers the main historical and regional styles - from Paleolithic cave drawings to the stylized images of Art Deco.

4000 Animal, Bird and Fish Motifs.


  • In animal motifs found so many interesting shapes, textures, lines and colors. In this book you will find clear and precise illustrations to help you in creating your own works, as well as many of you will learn and become a source of inspiration.
  • All illustrations accurately convey the style and feeling that characterize the style to which they belong. You can not go on an exciting journey through time and explore the different historical styles of design, relating to the period of the Stone Age, ancient cultures of Mesopotamia, Eurasia, Asia, Europe and the Americas, will get acquainted with the medieval and Islamic cultures. At the end of the journey will be presented to your attention of art of XX century.
  • In each chapter you will find pictures of animals, a distinct culture. This is very helpful to students, art historians, who want to know when it was first shown one or another animal.
  • This is a journey through time will also allow you to get acquainted with the inner world of artists and artisans, as carefully studying their work, you will be happy to learn about their desires and fantasies. Re-drawing one of the ancient ornaments, you are in a sense, revives the artist himself and become a part of his life. You create a connection to another time and place, and to do this in any other way is very difficult.
  • All the reasons presented in the book in black and white to make them up, hands or with the help of technology as simple and accurate. The survey provides detailed and easy to use index that not only help you to find images of specific animals, but also help you to find certain types of animals in their habitats or on the specifics of their behavior.

4000 Motifs - Animal, Bird and Fish by GL Makkelem

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