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Video2Brain Moodle 2 German-RESTORE

Video2Brain Moodle 2 German-RESTORE

Video2Brain Moodle 2 German-RESTORE
German | 2011/07 | 1.68GB

Learn about the popular open-source Moodle learning platform from the ground up! This video training you put in a position to take a learning

platform in operation and so the training provider to be. Ralf Hilgenstock declared on the basis of how to build and configure a system as an

administrator. As a coach you get to know all the tools that will help you to create an attractive and lively classroom.

Moodle Meet
The films of this chapter provide an overview of Moodle. You will learn basic concepts of the Moodle world and reduce the risk to get lost later.

Moodle 2: The most important news at a glance
With version 2, Moodle has made a big step in development. New features and operating concepts to be learned, however.

In the classroom there are different concepts and approaches - from teacher-centered instruction to open learning scenarios and courses as

communities. This chapter presents some examples of course.

Make the classroom
Formats, structures, plans and prospects are the background of this chapter and show you how to get to the perfect course planning.

Work material inputting
Whether images, files or tables: Different equipment can be individually or merge even in a crowd. Exactly how it works with activities - tasks

and tests, using communication to collaboration tools.

Use activities
This extensive chapter describes the possibilities of various tools for monitoring, communication and cooperation with your participants to


Tasks and tests
In this section you will learn basic functions, which enable you to monitor the learning curve of your participants. Tasks, tests and workshops.

Communication Tools
The section covers tools for communication. You learn to know the complex methods of communication in Moodle. Step-by-step instructions

help you apply.

Collaboration Tools
Collaboration always good because you are distributing the gathering of information on a variety of people. This section introduces the different

types of wikis on glossaries to databases.

Management in the classroom
In this central chapter, you learn what management options are available in the classroom and how they are used to simplify the daily work.

Course Results
Learn how you can control with the comprehensive tools, Moodle activities and knowledge levels. But be careful, because there are also data

protection guidelines clarify!

Learning Paths
Availability and activity-related closing conditions to control the further progress in learning paths.

Course Management
Learn to manage, users and groups and even import. Get to know in this connection filter.

Recycling is not quite true - but reusing, backup and restore are the watchwords of this section.

A separate system for testing Moodle
In this chapter you will install your own Moodle system on your computer for testing and practicing. These include the first and most important

steps in the configuration to your new Moodle system to adapt to your personal needs as well as tips and tricks that make you the ruler of the

Moodle command center. Finally, you learn how to expand your Moodle system with additional functions. This section takes a look behind the

scenes and shows how new features to be added or an update is performed.





















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