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Learn WooCommerce- Build An Ecommerce Website With Wordpress

Learn WooCommerce- Build An Ecommerce Website With Wordpress
Learn WooCommerce: Build An Ecommerce Website With Wordpress

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Have you ever wanted to make your own online store
and sell your own products online? It is not as
hard as you might think.
If you use Wordpress and WooCommerce you can have a
full ecommerce website that allows you to selling
anything imaginable, from physical products to
digital products.
WooCommerce lets you turn your WordPress-powered website into
an incredibly user-friendly online store. WooCommerce is a
popular plugin and the most trusted ecommerce solution for
This course will teach you everything you need to know about
building an ecommerce website using WooCommerce.
This course teaches you the step by step process of
how to design and implement the WooCommerce
ecommerce plugin.
And once you?re set up, this course will help you
master WooCommerce so you can start selling online.
2 hours of content and 29 lectures.
Learn WooCommerce Basics ? adding products and images,
checkout process, managing orders, shortcodes, shipping, taxes,
payment gateway configuration, and more
Advanced Techniques ? Learn about advanced products types and
shipping methods, taxes and tax classes, coupons,
order & inventory management, product reviews and


Download now LINK