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DigitalTutors - Introduction to Rigging in 3ds Max

DigitalTutors - Introduction to Rigging in 3ds Max


Learn essentials of rigging and establish a solid foundation. Learn flexible rigging methods, several rigging and character setup tools, and the essentials of building animator-friendly controls with 3ds Max. Contains over 3 hours of project-based training.



Popular highlights include:

    * Reference Coordinate System
    * Choosing an Axis Order for Control Objects
    * Custom Toolbars
    * Customizing Quad Menus
    * Layers
    * Expressions
    * Wired Parameters
    * Forward Kinematics vs. Inverse Kinematics
    * List Controllers
    * Position Constraint
    * LookAt Constraint
    * Orientation Constraint
    * Link Constraint
    * Control Objects
    * Control Object Reservoir
    * Bone Tools
    * Mirroring Bones
    * Scaling Bones
    * The IK Solvers of Max
    * Creating an FK Spline Rig
    * IK FK Snapping
    * Skin Modifier
    * Morpher Modifier
    * Skin Morph Modifier
    * Skin Wrap Modifier
    * Rigging Techniques
    * Custom Parameters
    * Smooth and Rigid Skinning
    * Painting Weights
    * Weight Tool and Weight Table
    * Mirroring Envelopes
    * Exporting Envelopes
    * Angle Deformers
    * Quick and Easy Muscles with Bones
    * Selection Sets


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DigitalTutors - Introduction to Rigging in 3ds Max

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