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Eat3D - Unreal Development Kit: An Introduction and Application


Eat3D - Unreal Development Kit - An Introduction and Application
English | 2 DVDs | Video Training | 3.24 GB 

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In this demonstration Sjoerd Hourences De Jong guides you through the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). Instead of giving a simple technical overview, Sjoerd uses over 10 years of personal and professional experience with Unreal Editor to create an entire exterior and interior environment from scratch. Along the way he explains many of the fundamentals about UDK and helps de-mystify many of its powerful features.

You will also learn from an Unreal Master exactly how to develop your own workflow and start making amazing environments inside UDK right now.

About the Instructor:
Sjoerd Hourences De Jong has been working with the Unreal Editor for over 10 years and has worked as titles such as Huxley, Warpath and UT 2004. Sjoerd recently Designed and directed the UT3 mod "The Ball" that has already won a range of awards in some of the world's largest competitions such as the ModDB MOTY and the MakeSomethingUnreal contest.

1. General Overview (8 minutes)  
2. Building the Towers (24 minutes)  
3. Building the Middle Section (15 minutes)
4. Grids and Snaps (4 minutes)
5. Understanding BSP and Brushes (30 minutes) 
6. Applying Materials to BSP (5 minutes)
7. Building the Front Doorway and Stairs (7 minutes)  
8. Filling in the Gaps on the Middle (11 minutes) 
9. Building out the Corridor and Adding Trim (5 minutes)  
10. Adding the Large Environment Assets (18 minutes) 
11. Adding Lights (21 minutes)g Post Processing Effects (9 minutes)
13. Adding Assets and Lighting the Corridor (11 minutes)  
14. Creating the Water (17 minutes)  
15. Adding Importance and Blocking Volumes (4 minutes)
16. Adding Birds and a Lens Flare (3 minutes) 
17. Animating the Door (20 minutes)
18. Brief Introduction to Sound in UDK (5 minutes) 
19. Final Thoughts, Tips and Polish (11 minutes)
 1 Unreal Map and 1 Unreal Package of the final level. 

Eat3D Unreal Development Kit - An Introduction and Application






Download now LINK