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AllMedia Grabber 6.0 Portable

AllMedia Grabber 6.0 Portable

AllMedia Grabber 6.0 Portable | 4.1 Mb

AllMedia Grabber extracts pictures, videos, music, sounds hidden inside programs / files on your computer. AllMedia Grabber searches in files (executables, libraries, custom controls, data files e.t.c.) and extracts multimedia files. You can choose to scan a single file or a directory or a drive, according to your necessities.

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Currently, AllMedia Grabber finds:
Image Formats (14):

• ICO=Windows Icon
• CUR=Cursor
• ANI=Animated Cursor
• BMP=Bitmap
• JPG=JPEG Files
• GIF=GIF Files
• PNG=Port. Network
• TIF=Tragged Image
• WMF= Meta File
• PCX=ZSoft Paintbrush
• IFF=Interchange File Format
• TGA=TrueVision Targa
• EMF=Windows Enhanced Matafile
• PPM=Portable Pixel Map

Video Formats (5):
• AVI=Microsoft Video
• BIK=Bink video
• FLC= Flic Animation
• SWF=ShockWave Flash Animation
• ASF/WMV=Advanced Systems Format / Windows Meatfile

Audio/Music Formats (5):
• MID=Midi
• MP3=MPEG Audio
• WAV=Wave
• OGG=Vordis Audio
• XM=Extended Module


• Extract files stored in EXECUTABLES, LIBRARIES, CUSTOM CONTROLS, MICROSOFT OFFICE FILES, DATABASES, RAW or BINARY FILES (like exe, dll, ocx, doc, ppt, xls, pdf, mdb, raw, bin, hex...).
• Select File(s), Folders, Drives to scan.
• Integration into Windows shell (Quick extraction from CONTEXT MENU).
• Convert all graphics formats to BMP, ICO.
• Browse all extracted graphic files in thumbnail mode.
• View graphic files in original size with program viewer.
• Delete, rename files, delete all extracted files, copy to clipboard, set as wallpaper.
• Multilanguage support.

Home Page:

Download now LINK