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Graphic Beats: Photoshop Brushes

Graphic Beats: Photoshop Brushes
ABR | 20 MB

Sumi-e Brushes Version 2 - Premium Set

Sumi-e Brushes Version 2 - Premium Set
ABR | 1 MB

Nano Pattern Brushes

Nano Pattern Brushes
ABR | 321 KB

Digital Wavy Particles Photoshop Brushes

Digital Wavy Particles Photoshop Brushes
ABR | 39 MB

Woodblock Print Wave Method Brushes

Woodblock Print Wave Method Brushes
ABR | 1.33 MB

180+ Handdrawn Photoshop Brushes

180+ Handdrawn Photoshop Brushes
ABR | 6 MB

Cuberbrush - Vintage Decorative Doodads

Cuberbrush - Vintage Decorative Doodads
ABR | PNG | 7.92 MB

CM - Aurora Watercolor Brushes Collection 2453042


Pure tenderness is lovingly cherished by our team, and we're happy to introduce Aurora, which is a manifest of it! Light, airy brush swashes, and their misty texture have been embraced to bring you a collection of 45 adorable brushes. We invite you to try them for sophisticated invitations, cards, mood boards and typography decor. You can also use Aurora collection to create your own masks for Instagram or as textures for your backgrounds — basically, whatever you apply them to, they will imbue it with the reverie of watercolors.
And remember, minor details decide everything, so never miss an opportunity to complement your toolbox with a lovely collection of watercolor brushes and try them in your next artwork — you must get a stunning result then!
  • 45 watercolor brushes (abr & png formats)
  • Size: from 2000 to 4000 px.


CM - Realistic Watercolor Brushes 2453638
Realistic watercolor brushes for Adobe Photoshop will help you to create any illustrations easily and use it on postcards, business cards, invitations etc.
You will get
  • one file (.abr) which includes a set of 7 brushes in high resolution
  • bonus 4 files PNG, flowers and dolphin


CM - Mix Box brushes for Procreate 2430845


Mix 7 different techniques with this set of brushes! Includes 1 brush of each of my sets. For an incredible result.
The pack includes: 7 brushes
  • Line Brush from Watercolor brush
  • Black Forest From Color Pencil Box
  • Ink Brush from Essential Painting Box
  • Hard Dot from Dots Everywhere
  • Small Mess From Messy Sketch
  • Space Brush from Texture set
  • Tv Noise from Noisy brushes

CM - Watercolor Splatter Brushes Graffiti 2385753


Handmade Paint Strokes and Watercolor Splatter Brushes, Custom Hand Painted Watercolor Brushes, Paint Splatter Brushes, Grunge Photoshop Brushes, Grunge Paint Brushes, Splatter Clipart Brushes, Digital Grunge Brushes, Paint Strokes, Watercolor Paint, Spray, Splatter, Paint, Grunge, Stain, Ink, Paint Droplets
Give your design a grungey, edgy, rustic, graffiti, street and rock n roll feel by using this brush set. There is no need to turn your hand dirty. All of the brush set has been cleaned and prepared for you perfectly. Most of the brush's size are 2500 pixels each. These Photoshop Brush set are high quality and has a high resolutions (300 dpi). Therefore, these brushes are very suitable for both web and print projects.
Each brush's illustration was originally hand drawn and hand painted by me with using inks, watercolor paints, dried brush and lots of papers. Then it was scanned and digitalised in Adobe Photoshop. You can use these brushes in your flyer's design, blogs, scrapbooking, web background, poster design, t-shirt design elements, merchandise design, cd inlay background, business cards and many more! The possibility are endless! :)

CM - BIG Watercolor Brush 2379331


Introducing a new big watercolor brush made from real hand painted watercolor textures. You can adjust to any color or gradient you desire, also compatible for non-destructive editing in photoshop. Compatible with Procreate & Sketch.
What's included:
  • 1 high quality .ABR file I layered .PSD file including 6 preset color layers
  • Software: Procreate, Sketch, Photoshop CS6+ A .IDML file is provided upon request
To install your new brushes in Photoshop:
  • Open the brush presets panel (window brush presets)
  • Hit the small icon in the upper right corner of the panel and choose ‘load brushes’
  • Select the .abr file included in the download
  • The new brushes will now appear ready for you to use :)

CM - Urban Grunge Brush Set 2379390


Introducing two Urban-styled grunge brushes to create a distressed and edgy appearance to your designs, photos and type. Made from real ink textures. Compatible with Procreate & Sketch.
What's Included:
  • Two .ABR files containing two different stylized brushes 1 .PSD Layered file
  • Software: Procreate, Sketch, Photoshop CS6+ A .IDML file is provided upon request
Upload Instructions:
  • To install your new brushes in Photoshop:
  • Open the brush presets panel (window brush presets)
  • Hit the small icon in the upper right corner of the panel and choose ‘load brushes’
  • Select the .abr file included in the download
  • The new brushes will now appear ready for you to use :)

CM - Watercolor brushes 2355257


ABR | 114 MB ZIP
Watercolor brushes for Photoshop. This is a set of 83 hand-painted watercolor brushes - a big collection of strokes, splashes, lines and shapes. Use these brushes in your design projects to add more handmade feel.
Brushes are in ABR format (compatible for CS6 and higher Photoshop version).
How to use these brushes:
  • Open Photoshop
  • Choose Edit Presets Presets Manager.
  • Click Load in the Presets Manager dialog box.
  • Select the saved set you want to load.
  • Click Load.

CM - 80 Watercolor brushes 2350430


80 watercolor brushes - a gorgeous set for your inspiration, for create templates social networks, wedding invitation and brand. Combine brushes, create color palettes.Very gentle and so feminine, for every girl in this spring!
Be beautiful!
The archive includes:
  • 33 Floral Brushes
  • 23 Stroke Brushes
  • 20 Texture Brushes
  • 4 Wreaths Brushes

Ornaments & Decorative Brushes Collection for Photoshop & Illustrator
Ornaments & Decorative Brushes Collection for Photoshop & Illustrator
Photoshop ABR | 21 ABR | 3 CSH | 7 Ai | 2 EPS | Transparent PNG | 65 MB

CM - Spray paint textures 1589218


ABR | 685 MB ZIP
A set of 20 black & white spray paint textures created from real elements. Each texture is also available in inverted/negative version. (So in total there are 40 textures). These textures are great for adding some grain to your artworks, creating backgrounds, add a grunge effect to texts and objects (when used as layer masks for example), etc. They can be combined for custom results. I've tried to create a varied set, with different densities and compositions - you can have a look at all the textures included in this set in the preview picture

16 Paint Brushes Pack for Photoshop
16 Paint Brushes Pack for Photoshop
Photoshop ABR | 33 MB

CM - Procreate Brush Trio - Calligraphy 2339784


Two Basic Calligraphy Brushes + a shattered nib Ink Pen | a high-quality calligraphy / hand-lettering brush for Procreate and a realistic Ink Pen for special effects or lettering.
This Brush Trio comes with three Procreate brushes that you can use together or separately. The two Basic Calligraphy Brushes are solid, with a smooth streamline - perfect for fine hand-lettering. The Ink Pen creates the effect of a shattered nib which leads to an authentic and realistic ink look.
Pro Tip: Use the Ink Pen as an ERASER to achieve the look of the word "Blessed"
  • Perfect for: calligraphy, hand-lettering or a mixture of both;
  • Type: Calligraphy Brushes (hand-lettering brushes)
  • Product No.: CA001; CA002; CA006;

CM - Lettering Procreate Brush Bundle 2322615


Lettering Procreate Brush Bundle by Jenna Kast Studio - The Ultimate Bundle for Modern Calligraphy Lettering! - Scroll down to see what users are saying!
Created specifically for modern calligraphy lettering on the iPad Pro, these Procreate brushes are crafted to help you create beautiful letterforms and flowing words. This set of 6 brushes (plus a BONUS - read more below) includes a few "workhorse" brushes - the kind you can put to use day after day and get consistent results, as well as a few fun brushes for special lettering projects.
  1. Modern Light: Great for modern calligraphy style, producing thin and thick lines with ease. Smooth and flowing with enough fade and texture to look natural.
  2. Firefly: A fun and untraditional option, this sparkling brush is unique but still useful enough for legible lettering. Use this when you want your lettering to stand out!
  3. Brushed: Create a flowing, dry-brushed look with lots of texture. This brush has ALL the character.
  4. Faded Marker: Think Crayola marker + brush pen. Faded Marker works more like a traditional brush style, but has been simplified to have great flow when used in modern calligraphy.
  5. Painted: This brush lays down a thick and textured line just like you took a paintbrush to a wood sign. Super natural and flowing.
  6. Rough Painted: Just like the Painted brush, but with a little more texture and attitude!
  7. **BONUS: JKS Signature!" This brush is my PROPRIETARY workhorse - the one I created, use, and perfected. This baby is my go-to for nearly ALL my client and product work. Am I crazy to give this one away? Probably. But you can ONLY get it in this bundle!