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Sepsis and Organ Dysfunction ...from Chaos to Rationale
Sepsis and Organ Dysfunction: ...from Chaos to Rationale ... By A. E. Baue (auth.), A. E. Baue M.D., G. Berlot M.D., A. Gullo M.D., J.-L. Vincent M.D. (eds.)
2002 | 222 Pages | ISBN: 8847001781 | PDF | 7 MB

Even if in the last years more information on sepsis and new treatments has become available, mortality rate is however high. In fact, the complexity of the several biohumoral factors involved in this process is difficult to understand. Another major problem is the consequent organ failure, which grows in a sequential way and in relation with the lesion gravity and the functional reserves of the patient. The volume presents the most recent results of research in this field.

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