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Smoking and Lung Inflammation Basic, Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research Advances
Smoking and Lung Inflammation: Basic, Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research Advances by Thomas J. Rogers, Gerard J. Criner and William D. Cornwell
English | ISBN: 1461473500, 1493955713 | 2013 | PDF | 217 pages | 4,3 MB

Smoking and Lung Inflammation is the first book directly related to chronic lung inflammation of its kind in several respects. First, the it focuses on both basic and clinical research on COPD, and the inflammatory mechanisms that function in these diseases.
Second, it is unique with respect to scope of the discussion of the unusual characteristics of the immune response which occurs in these patients. Third, it includes knowledge being gained from translational research conducted through clinical trials at several Medical Schools in the United States. Not only is this research providing information about novel drugs and therapies, but it is also advancing our understanding of the genetics of these diseases. This work will illuminate the molecular basis for these diseases, and hopefully will permit us to individualize the therapies for these diseases.

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