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30 Days to a Sexier You! A Self Help Guide for Low Female Libido

"30 Days to a Sexier You! A Self Help Guide for Low Female Libido" by Linda L. Ryan
Knowledge Key Publishing | 2012 | ISBN: n/a | 72 pages | PDF/epub | 6 MB

The book is a professionally written self-help guide for women to help address the underlying issues one day at a time. Written by a woman for women Putting your love life back on track requires more than just the 'quick fix' of a pill or a potion. After all, this is about the most intimate part of yourself and you need to be in control.

To help you make Scentuelle a daily, sensual experience designed an easy-to-do, 30 day program to re-ignite your sexual passion.

Low Libido? One Woman's Perspective
- Did you know that your sense of smell plays a key role in our sexual function?
- All wo men know that sexual desire starts with our emotions. Isn't that where the attention shouldbe?
- A loss of sexual desire is becoming an increasing concern fbr many wo men especially as they age.
- ow libido may be a prob lern but ifs NOT a disease. Most offen, ifs a state of mind.
- The loss of sexual intimacy in a relationship can have a devastating effect on your health, well being and happiness.
- You should know that the drug Companies are also eyeing wo men with low libido.
- Thats why I'm so excited about the potential of the Scentuelle aroma patch.
- The most exciting part of the aroma patch technology is that it is drug free.
- Deciding on a lifestyle change is easy. Whafs difficult is the fbllow through.
30 Days to a Sexier You!
Day 1 Are You Committed to Feeling Sexy?
Day 2 Desire Always Comes First
Day 3 Whafs the Deal with Low Libido?
Day 4 You Real ly Are #1
Day 5 Sex is an Emotion
Day 6 FSDD is NOT a Disease
Day 7 What You Focus On, Grows
Day 8 Start Loving Your Body
Day 9 I Look Great (Don't I?)
Day 10 Our Biggest Sex Organ: The Brain
Day 11 Whafs Behind a Low Libido?
Day 12 A Personal Question
Day 13 Lefs Talk Sex
Day 14 NotTonight, Stressed
Day 15 Motherhood WillTrump Desire
Day 16 Don't Stop the Sex Please!
Day 17 The Big Bang Theory
Day 18 Viagra No Solutionfbr Wo men
Day 19 Love Will Keep Us Together
Day 20 Sexual Feelings Long to be Expressed
Day 21 The Joys of Masturbation
Day 22 The Elusive Orgasm
Day 23 Sex Hollywood Style
Day 24 Getting in the Mood
Day 25 This Could Use So me Attention
Day 26 Learn From Others
Day 27 Sex Toys
Day 28 Eyes on Your Partner
Day 29 Feeling Sexy
Day 30 Sexual Confidence Grows


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