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Next Generation of International Chemical Additives: A Critical Review of Current US Patents by Thomas F. DeRosa

English | 2012 | ISBN: 0444537880 | ISBN-13: 9780444537881 | 578 pages | PDF | 10,5 MB

The objective is writing 'Next Generation Chemical Additives' to identify the next generation chemical additives for eight selected industries. The text will also provide methods for their preparation, additive treatment levels, and testing methods to evaluate additive performance.

To ensure optimum performance of materials and products, chemists, formulators, and blenders must be provided with the most current information on existing chemical additives. It is even more essential that corporate operations officers can easily identify the next generation of chemical additives. In addition to this a critical comparison will be given with the existing additives.

Structural and physical properties as well as low and elevated temperature toxicity information provided in an easy to understand format
Highlights the advantages of the selected additive over existing agents
Applications using the newly identified chemical additive provided for existing commercial materials and products
The most direct method for preparing the chemical agent described
Simplistic and sophisticated method for characterizing the chemical agent provided

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