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Buying Trances: A New Psychology Of Sales And Marketing - a new psychology of sales and marketing

Joe Vitale - Buying Trances: A New Psychology Of Sales And Marketing - a new psychology of sales and marketing
English | ISBN: 0470095199 | 3/16/2007 | English | 209 pages | PDF | 1 MB

What if you could master a sales and marketing technique that worked almost like magic? What if you could turn reluctant skeptics into loyal customers just by saying the right words at the right time? What if you could control the way customers perceived you and your product? If you knew marketing guru Joe Vitale's secrets of buying trances, you could do all that and more!

In Buying Trances, Vitale reveals the most powerful secret of effective persuasion the world has ever known. Combining the basics of good marketing with cutting-edge concepts in influence and persuasion, he shows you how to help customers enter a "buying trance"-a special mental state in which they become more suggestible and pliant than usual. Once in the buying trance, you'll have the freedom to frame and position yourself and your product in the minds of customers-leading them to the almost inevitable decision to buy.

When you read a book, focus on a conversation, or just think deeply about life, you block out much of the surrounding world and put yourself in a sort of personal trance. These kinds of trances aren't that uncommon at all. But the ability to connect with people while they're in a trance truly is. The best marketing and selling messages are designed to break into the customer's trance and connect with the customer on the level of his or her deepest concerns and interests, creating a window for the marketing message to get through.

Buying Trances explains these everyday trances and offers practical guidance for marketers and salespeople who want to take advantage of them. By learning to inject themselves into a customer's personal trance, good marketers can turn that personal trance into a buying trance. It sounds like science fiction, but it's not. Trances are real and easy to manipulate if you know their secrets. For daring marketers and salespeople who want to make the sale every time, these cutting-edge techniques in persuasion offer the key to incredible success.


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