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Men\'s Fitness, Exercise/Nutrition/Sports/Sex - November 2011
Men's Fitness - November 2011
PDF | English | 120 pages | 39.4 Mb
  • Men's Fitness is a guide for fit and active men. The information on training, nutrition, gear, apparel, relationships and adventure sports. Men's Fitness Magazine is for today's health-conscious man. This magazine subscription will help you maximize your workout and teach you how to get optimal results with diet and nutrition changes. Each issue shows you how to workout specific body parts, unleash your sex drive, and put adventure back into your life.

BIKE India, Vol.7 Issue 3 - October 2011
BIKE - October 2011 (India)
English | HQ PDF | 142 pages | 101.9 Mb
  • BIKE India has fixed that urge with a truly adrenaline-pumping passion magazine that caters as much to the super-bike fanatic as to man-on-the-road commuter. Dedicated in its entirety to the country’s burgeoning biker community, the magazine is emerging as a biker’s bible, not just in India, but across Asia. BIKE India magazine is produced by die-hard motorcycle enthusiasts with over 25 years of hands-on experience, who strive to deliver unbiased and extensive reviews of latest two-wheelers produced across the globe.

Motorcycle Classics - November/December 2011
Motorcycle Classics - November/December 2011
English | 96 pages HQ PDF | 92 MB
  • Motorcycle Classics is the authoritative voice of America’s growing classic motorcycle community and the premier magazine for collectors and enthusiasts. Following the latest news and trends, and featuring in-depth reviews and riding impressions – with full technical profiles and value assessments – of classic motorcycles from every continent, Motorcycle Classics brings yesterday’s bikes into focus for today’s classic motorcycle aficionados.

Performance Auto & Sound - Reader\'s Choice 2011
Performance Auto & Sound - Reader's Choice 2011
PDF | 180 pages | 82 Mb | English
  • Performance Auto & Sound has been setting trends and covering the sport compact scene since its inception. From reviews on the latest car audio and multimedia to the hottest performance parts being pout to the test, we pride ourselves on bringing readers the best of the automotive aftermarket.

Smart Money USA - November 2011
Smart Money USA - November 2011
English | 96 pages | HQ PDF | 71MB
  • SmartMoney comes to you straight from the editors of the Wall Street Journal, the best financial reporters in the business. Every issue brings you the information you need to know to deal with markets and protecting your wealth. Turn to SmartMoney for no-nonsense advice you can put into action.

GQ - November 2011 (UK)
GQ - November 2011 (UK)
English | PDF | 502 pages | 170 Mb

Atomic, Maximum Power Gaming - November 2011/Australia
Atomic - November 2011 (Australia)
English | HQ PDF | 100 pages | 82 MB
  • Atomic is a magazine aimed squarely at computer enthusiasts, gamers, and serious PC upgraders. Every month we bring you the latest reviews of new technology and PC components, in depth features on everything from overclocking to console hacking, and gaming previews and interviews.

Stereophile - November 2011
Stereophile - November 2011
English | HQ PDF | 148 pages | 126 Mb
  • Every month Stereophile magazine offers authoritative reviews, informed recommendations, helpful advice, and controversial opinions, all stemming from the revolutionary idea that audio components should be judged on how they reproduce music. Stereophile never loses sight of the fact that its primary responsibility is toward its readers and how they choose to spend their hard-earned money. Whether you enjoy your music on LP, CD, DVD or SACD, Stereophile enables you to get the most from it.

Esquire, November 2011
Esquire - November 2011
English | HQ PDF | 182 pages | 146 Mb
  • Esquire is designed as a forum for men in today's American society. This upscale lifestyle magazine for professional 30-to-49-year-old men offers readers information about the latest trends and fashions, as well as personality profiles, and articles about the arts, politics and the media.

Grazia N.42 del 17/10/11 Italian
Grazia N. 42 del 17/10/11
Italian | PDF | 401 pages | 185 Mb

Here\'s How! - October 2011
Here's How! - October 2011
PDF | English | 76 pages | 28 MB

The Essential Building Product Review Magazine September/October 2011
The Essential Building Product Review Magazine September/October 2011
Language: English | 35 Pages HQ True PDF | 6 MB
  • Published to a wide range of influential building specifiers, contractors and building managers across the private and public sectors. The Essential Building Product Review's editorial approach incorporates strong visuals and bold design. A blend of concise, easily-read editorial articles and longer, informative, stylishly-presented articles. The Essential Building Product Review is always attractive, informative and immensely readable.

International Property Luxury Collection Vol.18 No.4
International Property Luxury Collection Vol.18 No.4
English | 132 Pages HQ True PDF | 55 MB
  • Published every two months, International Homes Luxury Collection focuses on the finest homes, travel and lifestyle across the world. From the most desirable houses in beautiful locations to the best destinations we have everything the luxury homebuyer or owner needs.

Playboy USA - November 2011
Playboy USA - November 2011
PDF 154 Pages HQ English | 107 MB

Internet Retailer Magazine October 2011
Internet Retailer Magazine October 2011
Language: English | 68 Pages HQ True PDF | 25 MB
  • Internet Retailer Magazine is the largest monthly magazine in e-retailing with 44,000 subscribers. All articles are staff-written and cover strategies and practices that produce success in e-retailing.

Building Innovations Magazine September/October 2011
Building Innovations Magazine September/October 2011
Language: English | 43 Pages HQ True PDF | 8 MB
  • Designed and produced specifically for Architects, Building Innovations regularly focuses on the main building product grouping areas relevant to the Architect. With a regular round-up of new products, interesting and prestigious case histories, mixed with larger, dynamic pictorial and opinion-based editorial features. Building Innovations has rapidly become an automatic choice for many of the UK's most influential building specifiers and designers.

The English Garden, November 2011
The English Garden Magazine November 2011
Language: English | 116 Pages HQ True PDF | 53 MB 
  • The English Garden takes its readers to remarkable and yet achievable gardens with the use of inspired photography and professional garden writers. Readers hear from people with real gardening experience. It’s a great read for anyone with greenfingers.

Flight Training Magazine, October 2011
Flight Training Magazine October 2011
Language: English | 60 Pages HQ True PDF | 24 MB
  • Flight Training magazine offers the insight and counsel of experienced pilot-authors to help both instructors and pilots-in-training as they progress toward their goals in aviation. AOPA is proud to be able to serve the student and flight instructor community, and we hope you find this collection of articles useful. After all, a good pilot is always learning.

VMSD Experience Retail Now, October 2011
VMSD Magazine October 2011
English | 61 Pages | True PDF | 36MB
  • VMSD (Visual Merchandising and Store Design) is the leading resource for retail designers and store display professionals, serving the retail industry since 1869 (then called Display World). VMSD showcases the latest store designs and visual presentations, presents merchandising strategies and new products, and reports on industry news and events.