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Words That Change Minds The 14 Patterns for Mastering the Language of Influence
Shelle Rose Charvet, "Words That Change Minds: The 14 Patterns for Mastering the Language of Influence"
English | 2019 | ISBN: 1733670300 | 359 pages | MOBI | 2.22 MB
How to master Influencing Language and get what you want, without manipulating.

With Her Fist Raised Dorothy Pitman Hughes and the Transformative Power of Black Community Activism
Laura L. Lovett, "With Her Fist Raised: Dorothy Pitman Hughes and the Transformative Power of Black Community Activism"
English | ISBN: 0807008893 | 2021 | EPUB | 176 pages | 5 MB
The first biography of Dorothy Pitman Hughes, a trailblazing Black feminist activist whose work made children, race, and welfare rights central to the women's movement.

With Charity for All Why Charities Are Failing and a Better Way to Give
With Charity for All: Why Charities Are Failing and a Better Way to Give by Ken Stern
English | ISBN: 038553471X, 0307743810 | 2013 | EPUB | 272 pages | 2 MB
Vast and largely unexamined, the world of American charities accounts for fully 10 percent of economic activity in this country, yet operates with little accountability, no real barriers to entry, and a stunning lack of evidence of effectiveness. In With Charity for All, Ken Stern reveals a problem hidden in plain sight and prescribes a whole new way for Americans to make a difference.

Winning in China 8 Stories of Success and Failure in the World's Largest Economy
Winning in China: 8 Stories of Success and Failure in the World's Largest Economy by Lele Sang, Karl Ulrich
English | January 19th, 2021 | ISBN: 1613631081 | 190 pages | True EPUB | 11.34 MB
If Amazon can't win in China, can anyone?

Wine for Normal People A Guide for Real People Who Like Wine, but Not the Snobbery That Goes with It
Wine for Normal People: A Guide for Real People Who Like Wine, but Not the Snobbery That Goes with It (Wine Tasting Book, Gift for Wine Lover) by Elizabeth Schneider
English | Nov 5, 2019 | ISBN: 1452171343 | 352 pages | PDF | 123 MB
From the creator and host of the award-winning podcast Wine for Normal People, described by Imbibe magazine as "a wine podcast for the people."

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
by Crystal Panek

English | 2020 | ISBN: 1119650658 | 403 Pages | PDF true | 33 MB

Who da' Man  Black Masculinities and Sporting Cultures
Who da' Man ?: Black Masculinities and Sporting Cultures By Gamal Abdel-Shehid
2005 | 209 Pages | ISBN: 1551302616 | PDF | 2 MB
Don't let the vernacular/ebonicized title fool you: this is a hyperacademic text that I doubt few sports fans, whether in Canada or the United States, will understand. The author attempts to analyze how sports relates or fails to relate to topics such as race, masculinity, and nation. Yes, this is an intelligent and thoughtful book by a man who I hope goes far in his career. Still, it frustrated me in many ways.Though the author says he is a fan of X and Y sport, you wouldn't think it from his analysis. Whether it's basketball, football, track, he doesn't have anything good to say about the state of Canadian athletics or the few blacks involved in them. For this author, the glass is definitely half empty, if not entirely empty. Near the beginning, he questions whether professional sports is labor or art, but he never asks about pleasure. Though football players have been given statistics that say they do not live as long as non-football players, most of them say they would not have changed professions regardless. The joy of playing and watching sports never comes up at all in this book. You would have thought a sports-hater like me wrote it, not someone who claims to be a fan.The author always puts "race" in quotes. It may have been profound when Skip Gates did that while editing a book years ago, it is not now. Gates has already been criticized for it. Acknowledging that race means little biologically shouldn't erase the fact that it means a lot sociologically and historically, the fields which this author ponders. Race is no more "socially constructed" than any other terms. "Masculinities" never gets put in quotes but those are topics that are highly malleable, nebulous, and significantly debated. If the author is so uncomfortable with race, why is he so clearly writing in the field of Africana studies?The author shows that he is well-read, quoting from diverse sources such as Judith Butler, Michael Dyson, C.L.R. James, etc. However, I am quite surprised that men's' studies icons such as Michael Messner, Robert Staples, Devon Carbado, or R.W. Connell never come up. The author tries to avoid either-or thinking and logic. However, just bringing up X and negative X doesn't make the discussion penetrable. In fact, the author throws around all kinds of made-up terms like "good boy feminism," "buggin' out militancy" etc. that only add to this book being gobbledygook. He wants to have his cake and eat it too, and somehow the author thinks that means he is saying something profound.I applaud the author tremendously for showing that when many people say "black athlete," what they mean is "straight, male, black athlete." He does a great job in trying to connect the dots between race, gender, and sexuality. However, it may frustrate many that he leaves class off the table. He does condemn some practices as "bourgeois," but that's about it. In a continent where many wrongfully think "Everybody is middle-class!" that is a problem. Further, Messner and Kimmel have written extensively that class and dreams of upward mobility define boys' entry into sports. The author uses the term "queer" a lot even though a study was done of GLBT Black Americans that adamantly showed that they do not like that term.The author criticized writers for focusing too much on the US and not enough on Canada, but every other example that he brings up is from the United States too. This author needs to realize that there are more Black Americans (approximately 36 million) than there are Canadian citizens regardless of race (approximately 30 million). The author goes on and on about how black athletes are seen as not of the nation, of questionable citizenship. However, in the US, no one questions that Black Americans are American. It's rare for any person post-Marcus Garvey to say blacks should return to Africa. Blacks have lived in the United States since 1619, longer than most white citizens. Thus, maybe black American writers don't bring up black Canadians because the two groups are apples and oranges. The author wants to place black Canadian athletes in the spotlight, but he can't do it without mentioning black American athletes about five time beforehand.This is one of the few academic books that I've read which does not have a conclusory chapter. Then again, his body chapters usually have conclusion. Also, he has two introductory chapters when most professors just have one. The book is riddled with pop-up boxes. They discuss themes that anyone well-read enough to read the primary text would already know about. They were highly unnecessary.

What is Literature and Other Essays
"What is Literature?" and Other Essays by Jean-Paul Sartre and Steven Ungar
English | 1988 | ISBN: 0674950836 | 368 pages | PDF | 10,4 MB
"What is Literature?" remains the most significant critical landmark of French literature since World War II. Neither abstract nor abstruse, it is a brilliant, provocative performance by a writer more inspired than cautious.

What Happens Next Reconstructing Australia after COVID-19
What Happens Next?: Reconstructing Australia after COVID-19 by Emma Dawson, Janet McCalman
English | September 29th, 2020 | ISBN: 0522877214 | 306 pages | True EPUB | 0.85 MB
In the wake of a global pandemic, Australia's most respected experts chart the way forward.

Website Branding for Small Businesses
Nathalie Nahai, "Website Branding for Small Businesses: Secret Strategies for Building a Brand, Selling Products Online, and Creating a Lasting Community"
English | 2014 | pages: 288 | ISBN: 1621533956 | EPUB | 5,0 mb
With so many customers taking to the web for information, every business needs to have an online presence, especially a small business. However, a simple website won't suffice, and each enterprise has to properly connect with customers to build and nurture a relationship that will ensure their devotion to the brand. This is where Nathalie Nahai, the Web Psychologist, steps in.

Web Application Security  Exploitation and Countermeasures for Modern Web Applications
Web Application Security :
Exploitation and Countermeasures for Modern Web Applications

by Andrew Hoffman

Wavelet and Wave Analysis As Applied to Materials With Micro or Nanostructure
Wavelet and Wave Analysis As Applied to Materials With Micro or Nanostructure by Carlo Cattani, Jeremiah Rushchitsky
English | 2007 | 476 Pages | ISBN: 9812707840 | PDF | 5,7 MB
This seminal book unites three different areas of modern science: the micromechanics and nanomechanics of composite materials; wavelet analysis as applied to physical problems; and the propagation of a new type of solitary wave in composite materials, nonlinear waves.