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Waterfall Nature and Culture (Earth)
Waterfall: Nature and Culture (Earth) by Reaktion Books
English | June 15, 2012 | ISBN: 1861899181 | 248 pages | EPUB | 27 Mb
From Niagara Falls in the United States to Angel Falls in Venezuela, Victoria Falls in Africa, and Hannoki Falls in Japan, waterfalls provide some of the world's loveliest panoramas. With their glistening spray and deafening roar, these astonishing natural wonders attract hordes of people each year who seek out, with cameras in hand, these terrifying and sublime examples of natural beauty.While waterfalls have often been considered in terms of their picturesque qualities, their rich cultural background has been neglected. InWaterfall, Brian Hudson portrays these marvels in a new light. He explores the many myths and legends waterfalls have inspired in cultures ranging from Native American to Celtic and Indian, and how they have been depicted in art, literature, film, and music. He also examines their influence on architecture and landscape design, as manmade waterfalls begin to be a staple of parks, gardens, and backyard landscaping. Hudson also discusses the ecology of waterfalls and the conflict that arises from their importance as both a source of hydroelectric power and tourist attractions in many countries. As erosion takes its own toll, the additional environmental impacts of human exploitation could be devastating.A superb addition to the library of any nature lover, this beautifully illustrated book provides a fascinating look at the history and value of these stunning cascades of water.

Washington Babylon From George Washington to Donald Trump, Scandals that Rocked the Nation
Washington Babylon: From George Washington to Donald Trump, Scandals that Rocked the Nation by Post Hill Press
English | October 22, 2019 | ISBN: 1642931527 | 480 pages | PDF | 4.86 Mb
Political, financial, erotic, and bizarre. This is a snapshot of more than 125 scandals that have rocked the nation's capital and beyond.

Was the Bayeux Tapestry Made in France The Case for St. Florent of Saumur
G. Beech, "Was the Bayeux Tapestry Made in France?: The Case for St. Florent of Saumur"
English | 2005 | pages: 148 | ISBN: 1403966702 | PDF | 17,0 mb
This book presents the hypothesis that the Bayeux tapestry, long believed to have been made in England, came from the Loire valley in France, from the abbey of St. Florent of Saumur. This is based on a number of different kinds of evidence, the most important of which is signs of a St. Florent/Breton influence in the portrayal of the Breton campaign in the tapestry, about a tenth of the whole.

War of Shadows Codebreakers, Spies, and the Secret Struggle to Drive the Nazis from the Middle East
Gershom Gorenberg, "War of Shadows: Codebreakers, Spies, and the Secret Struggle to Drive the Nazis from the Middle East"
English | ISBN: 1610396278 | 2021 | EPUB | 496 pages | 3 MB
Rommel's army is a day from Cairo, a week from Tel Aviv. The SS is ready for action. Espionage brought the Nazis this far. Espionage can stop them - if Washington wakes up to the danger.

War of Another Kind A Southern Community in the Great Rebellion
War of Another Kind: A Southern Community in the Great Rebellion by Wayne K. Durrill
English | April 28, 1994 | ISBN-10: 0195089235 | 304 pages | PDF | 13,4 MB
In this book Durrill describes in graphic detail the disintegration, during the Civil War, of Southern plantation society in a North Carolina coastal county. He details struggles among planters, slaves, yeoman farmers, and landless white laborers, as well as a guerrilla war and a clash between two armies that, in the end, destroyed all that remained of the county's social structure.

Walk a War in My Shoes
Walk a War in My Shoes by Murray Ernest Hall
English | August 9th, 2018 | ISBN: 0648222284, 0648222292 | 202 pages | True EPUB | 1.20 MB
On the 25th August 1895, Ernest Alfred Hall was born into a pioneering Australian family that lived on a 313-acre property called 'Cloverdale' near the hamlet of Beech Forest, south of the Otway Ranges, some 200 kilometres south west of Melbourne, Victoria. As a child, it seemed he would be destined for the life of a farmer in a country that was just realising its independence through Federation, yet his path was to be diverted by the cataclysmic events that befell Europe and the British Empire.

Visual Studio 2019 Tricks and Techniques
Visual Studio 2019 Tricks and Techniques:
A developer's guide to writing better code and maximizing productivity:
A developers' guide to mastering in ... IDE and unlock advanced productivity secrets

Visions of Power Architecture & Ambition from Ancient Times to the Present
Visions of Power: Architecture & Ambition from Ancient Times to the Present by Adrian Tinniswood
English | 1998 | ISBN: 1840000279 | 196 pages | PDF | 108 MB
An exploration of the relationship between people, power and architecture by examining how key political leaders in history have expressed their own personalities through buildings. A global survey, it ranges from the Taj Mahal to the White House, from Catherine the Great to Prince Charles.

Virus of the Mind The New Science of the Meme
Richard Brodie, "Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme"
English | ISBN: 1401924689 | 2009 | 288 pages | EPUB, PDF | 1300 KB + 2 MB
Virus of the Mind is the first popular book devoted to the science of memetics, a controversial new field that transcends psychology, biology, anthropology, and cognitive science. Memetics is the science of memes, the invisible but very real DNA of human society.

Victory in the Gulf
Eric Micheletti, Yves Debay - Victory in the Gulf
Windrow & Greene | 1991 | ISBN: 1872004318 | English | 130 pages | PDF | 107.81 MB
A colour photographic account of the First Gulf War. Records the whole extraordinary story of the invasion of Kuwait, from the first U.S. deployments to the final surrender of Saddam's legions.

Vibration Fundamentals
R. Keith Mobley, "Vibration Fundamentals"
English | 1999 | ISBN: 0750671505 | 304 pages | PDF | 13.2 MB
In a single useful volume, Vibration Fundamentals explains the basic theory, applications, and benefits of vibration analysis, which is the dominant predictive maintenance technique used with maintenance management programs.

Vegetarian Chinese Soul Food Deliciously Doable Ways to Cook Greens, Tofu, and Other Plant-Based ...
Hsiao-Ching Chou, "Vegetarian Chinese Soul Food: Deliciously Doable Ways to Cook Greens, Tofu, and Other Plant-Based Ingredients"
English | ISBN: 1632173336 | 2021 | EPUB | 272 pages | 216 MB
A vegetarian follow-up to the very popular Chinese Soul Food cookbook that includes 75 plant-based comfort food recipes you can make at home.