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The Wages of Wins Taking Measure of the Many Myths in Modern Sport
The Wages of Wins: Taking Measure of the Many Myths in Modern Sport By David J. Berri, Martin B. Schmidt, Stacey L. Brook
2006 | 299 Pages | ISBN: 0804752877 | PDF | 3 MB
Fantastic read. Not something that one can read quickly or just skim if one hopes to get the most out of the book. There is a lot of analysis that takes time to comprehend in order to most appreciate the messages of the various chapters/topics. This book is best to read when one has a lot of quiet time as opposed to reading bits and pieces riding on the bus or waiting in the doctors waiting room. I certainly have enjoyed reading it even though one reads at a slower pace compared to reading some fiction novel. Great book !!!!

The Vegan Athlete Cookbook 3 books in 1
Scott Nardella, "The Vegan Athlete Cookbook: 3 books in 1. Power - Ethics - Health. You can have them all. The Vegan High Protein Guide for Athletes and Bodybuilders. ... and 141 easy, delicious, and boosting recipes"
English | 2021 | ASIN : B08RBV7B75 | 376 pages | EPUB | 3 MB
"Athletes can't be vegan!" "If you want to build muscle you NEED animal protein!" "Our bodies are made to eat meat!".

The Vampire's Bedside Companion The Amazing World of Vampires in Fact and Fiction
Peter Underwood, Geoffrey Bourne-Taylor, Peter Allan, Crispin Derby, Richard Howard, Sean Manchester, James Turner, Dr. Sir Devendra P. Varma, "The Vampire's Bedside Companion: The Amazing World of Vampires in Fact and Fiction"
English | 1975 | ISBN: 1727705440, 085632101X | 343 pages | EPUB | 2.7 MB
The Vampire's Bedside Companion is a riveting compendium of new facts and fiction on the 'undying' theme of vampirism.Here is a new theory on the genesis of Dracula (surely literature's most compelling and macabre figure?); thoughts on allusions to vampirism in Wuthering Heights; first-hand experience of Vampires in Hampstead, London; publication for the first time of the story of a fifteenth-century Vampire Protection medallion that Montague Summers presented to the author; an account by a professer of English at Dalhousie University of a visit to 'Castle Dracula' in Transylvania - The Vampire's Bedside Companion contains these and a wealth of other hitherto unpublished material on a subject that is of enduring interest: The Vampire Legend.To many people, vampires are creatures only of legend and fantasy with no reality outside the pages of books. Others, who have studied the folklore of many countries and the continuing reports of vampirism, maintain that there is extensive evidence not only that vampires once existed but that, in fact, they still do exist. In this fascinating book the author, himself an acknowledged expert on the Occult, presents true accounts of vampire infestation in England, America, Ireland, Hungary, China and France. Records of vampires and vampirism are, he claims, as old as the world and as recent as yesterday.Four new, excisting and authentic vampire fictional stories by Peter Allan, Crispin Derby, Richard Howard and James Turner complete this compelling companion for dark nights, solitude and howling winds!Illustrated with my striking photographs, The Vampire's Bedside Companion also contains original and evocative drawings by Geoffrey Bourne-Taylor.It is a must for all students of the occult and every reader of the macabre.

The Unusual Suspect The Rise and Fall of a Modern-Day Outlaw
Ben Machell, "The Unusual Suspect: The Rise and Fall of a Modern-Day Outlaw"
English | ISBN: 0593129229 | 2021 | EPUB | 288 pages | 7 MB
The remarkable true story of a modern-day Robin Hood: a British college student who started robbing banks as the financial crisis unfolded.

The Tudor Kitchen What the Tudors Ate & Drank
Terry Breverton, "The Tudor Kitchen: What the Tudors Ate & Drank"
English | ISBN: 1445660407 | 2018 | 368 pages | EPUB | 3 MB
Did you ever wonder what the Tudors ate and drank? What was Elizabeth I's first meal after the defeat of the Spanish Armada? Which pies did Henry VIII gorge on to go from a 32 to a 54-inch waist? The Tudor Kitchen provides a new history of the Tudor kitchen, and over 500 sumptuous - and more everyday - recipes enjoyed by rich and poor, all taken from authentic contemporary sources.The kitchens of the Tudor palaces were equipped to feed a small army of courtiers, visiting dignitaries and various hangers-on of the aristocracy. Tudor court food purchases in just one year were no fewer than 8,200 sheep, 2,330 deer and 53 wild boar, plus countless birds such as swan (and cygnet), peacock, heron, capon, teal, gull and shoveler. Tudor feasting was legendary; Henry VIII even managed to impress the French at the Field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520 with a twelve-foot marble and gold leaf fountain dispensing claret and white wine into silver cups, free for all!

The Treaty of Paris The Precursor to a New Nation
The Treaty of Paris: The Precursor to a New Nation (Milestones in American History) by Edward J., Jr. Renehan
English | 2007 | ISBN: 0791093522 | PDF | 128 pages | 5,2 MB
In Paris, during the spring, summer, and autumn of 1782, three remarkable Americans led the representation of the United States in negotiations that brought an end to the American Revolutionary War.

The Tools of Screenwriting A Writer's Guide to the Craft and Elements of a Screenplay
The Tools of Screenwriting: A Writer's Guide to the Craft and Elements of a Screenplay By David Howard, Edward Mabley
1995 | 311 Pages | ISBN: 0312119089 | PDF | 5 MB

The Times Style Guide An authoritative guide to English usage
The Times Style Guide: An authoritative guide to English usage by The Times
English | June 1, 2016 | ISBN: 0008146179 | 272 pages | AZW3 | 0.546 MB
An indispensable tool for writers, editors, and proofreaders alike from the journalists on the "Times." Royal Family or royal family? Front-runner or front runner? Assure or ensure? Affect or effect? Even the most sophisticated writers of English will run up against these and many similar problems in the quest for clear, elegant, and grammatical writing. "The Times Style and Usage Guide" answers these and hundreds of other usage conundrums with a comprehensive collection of entries designed to sweep the minefield of the English language. Although no literary straitjacket, this authoritative guide is the foundation of correct English usage for all "Times" journalists and contributors and can provide the user with a benchmark style, the essential ingredient of all well-written English.

The Thyroid Reset Diet Reverse Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Symptoms with a Proven Iodine-Balan...
Dr. Alan Christianson, "The Thyroid Reset Diet: Reverse Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Symptoms with a Proven Iodine-Balancing Plan"
English | ISBN: 059313706X | 2021 | EPUB | 288 pages | 2 MB
A surprising new plan to reverse the symptoms of thyroid disease by reducing excess dietary iodine, from integrative physician and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Alan Christianson.

The Thrive Diet The Whole Food Way to Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, and Stay Healthy for Life
The Thrive Diet: The Whole Food Way to Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, and Stay Healthy for Life By Brendan Brazier
2007 | 320 Pages | ISBN: 1600940609 | PDF | 2 MB
I bought this book because I wanted to go from longtime pescatarian to a full-fledged vegan, but was worried about what I heard of vegans with iron and protein deficiencies. This book not only showed me that you can be a vegan athlete, but that it's actually desirable for a lot of reasons. The Thrive Diet had just been released when I took the plunge, so I didn't have all of these positive reviews - I just went with the only vegan cookbook directed towards an active lifestyle. The effect that the recipes in this book have had on my life has been overwhelmingly positive. Many of the foods described in here have become an everyday part of my life, such as the buckwheat pancakes and the nut "burgers". Other foods have inspired me to eat newfound staples such as nutritional yeast, dulse and hemp. While it took an initial investment to get many of the general use ingredients (coconut oil, hemp protein, bags of walnuts, etc) as well as a good spice grinder, food processor and blender, I have found that my monthly food bills have dropped since. All it takes is a few hours on one afternoon per week and I can set myself up with enough food to get me through the week. The key to this diet seems to be eating less in general. Of course, there's (almost) nothing "bad" in this book, so you can eat as much of anything as you want. However, if weight loss is your goal, you will still have to take in less calories than you burn daily. This was a hurdle for me as I love eating food, especially some of the recipes in this book! Since I've gained control of my intake, the fat has been melting off of me. There are some significant issues that I feel I should bring up. First - and this bugged me as I read through the book - Mr. Brazier does not cite his sources. There is an extensive bibliography in the back of the book, but you're left to discover for yourself which of those sources he used for which bit of information. Second, he does not point out that agave nectar is not very good for you and will actually pack on the pounds. To anyone who can read a food label, this shouldn't be a surprise. Agave nectar is very, very tasty, but also very, very sugary. I don't blame the author for this, but he does make a point in the book to say that you can eat as much of anything he lists as you like. Again, this is true, but you should always be wary of your caloric balancing act if you're looking to lose weight. Third, and lastly, I must issue a health warning. If you have an ulcer, acid reflux disease or both, be VERY careful when increasing the amount of raw food you eat. Raw foods are harder to digest and if you don't monitor yourself you may end up with a nasty case of gastritus that leaves you vomiting all over your front lawn. Coconut oil will also relax the various muscles that control digestion, causing heartburn and other issues. The best thing to learn from this book is mindful consumption, and if you have a sensitive digestive system, this is something to be very mindful of. In short, this book has changed my life, mostly for the better. I find some of the recipes unappealing (the soups) and others indispensable (pancakes, burgers, pizzas) and some I've yet to try (anything with popped amaranth - I can't get it to pop!), but all of it is interesting. One star was left off for the citation issue, as it seems such a shame to have extensively researched a book and then not cited specific claims. This matters very little since the food is all about 1) how you feel and 2) how it tastes. A resounding win on both counts!Here are some things I've found to help utilize the book:*Keep a stock of coconut oil, nutritional yeast, brown meso paste, hemp oil and hemp seeds. Even if you're just starting out, these will enable you to make the more interesting dishes in the book.*You can generally replace one kind of bean, nut or seed for whatever the recipe calls for if you've only got one kind and don't want to go to the store. *Get a coffee/spice grinder that has a removable blade, such as the Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind Hands-Free Coffee Grinder, Platinum.*Spend at least one day a week preparing some food that's easy to chow for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. I like to have buckwheat pancake batter (eat with applesauce!), as well as nut burger for salads and bean salsa for topping. Even one or two thrive diet meals a day will make you feel better.*Eat less total food. I found the best benefits came from eating less food overall and focusing more on eating the fulfilling and nutritious foods as described in the book. Forget store-bought veggie burgers, eat a nut burger and salad with some black bean salsa and finish it off with a couple of clementines or a banana. Pick your portions before you eat and you'll feel better afterwards.

The Theatre of the Holocaust Four Plays, Volume 1
The Theatre of the Holocaust: Four Plays, Volume 1 by Robert Skloot and Shimon Wincelberg
English | ISBN: 0299090701 | 1982 | PDF | 345 pages | 10,6 mb
The usually quiet unfolding of human history is sometimes interrupted by events of shattering and lasting effect on the lives of whole peoples. In the twentieth century the world has seen more than a few such events.

The Summits of Modern Man Mountaineering after the Enlightenment
Peter H. Hansen, "The Summits of Modern Man: Mountaineering after the Enlightenment"
English | 2013 | pages: 393 | ISBN: 0674047990 | PDF | 3,3 mb
The history of mountaineering has long served as a metaphor for civilization triumphant. Once upon a time, the Alps were an inaccessible habitat of specters and dragons, until heroic men-pioneers of enlightenment-scaled their summits, classified their strata and flora, and banished the phantoms forever. A fascinating interdisciplinary study of the first ascents of the major Alpine peaks and Mount Everest, The Summits of Modern Man surveys the far-ranging significance of our encounters with the world's most alluring and forbidding heights.