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Adobe After Effects Presets FFX v2.2 (12 Presets)
12 FFX | 12 Presets | 4 MB

Stretcher, Optics Chromatic, Cyan Red Chromatic, Fast Chromatic, Advanced Halftone, Normal Map, Bump to Normal, Captions Bar, Captions Bar Outline, Patch Clone, Stretcher.

Glamour Professional Retouch Panel 1.0.0 Plugin for Adobe Photoshop
for Adobe Photoshop CC | 28 MB

An extension for Adobe Photoshop CC created and suit for all types of photographers, Retouchers from amateur to professional. Created by professionals, Glamour Professional Retouch Panel will spend up your retouching workflow and give you stunning results each time. As a Retoucher/Photographer your images should speak for themselves. We are confident that this retouching panel will bring you results beyond your imagination.

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.17 Plugin for Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere
Win64 | 200 MB

Color correction, finishing and film looks for filmmakers. Magic Bullet Suite is a set of seven tools that bring intuitive, real time color correction, and beyond, right to your editorial timeline.

Hot Door CADtools 12.1.3 Plugin for Adobe Illustrator
Languages: Multilingual | For Adobe Illustrator 2020 (v24) | 196 MB

Precision drawing and dimensioning power inside Adobe Illustrator. Click and drag dimensions or labels on every possible object, path, or point in space. Live dimensions follow and respond to artwork changes.

Flaming Pear Flexify 2.98 Plugin for Adobe Photoshop | 34 MB

Amazing Plugin! Want to turn a picture of your kids into a cube, print your photos with origami folds, or make your house look as if it is reflected in a mirrored sphere? These are just a few things you can do with Flexify! With Flexify you can bend spherical panoramas into vertiginous new shapes. Make hyper-wide-angle views, print panoramas and maps as foldable solids and 'globe gores', simulate impossible lenses, and much more. Bend spherical panoramas into vertiginous new shapes. Warp HDR panoramas for retouching. Make hyper-wide-angle views. Simulate impossible lenses .Memory dots for quick access to favorite settings. Export 3D panorama models .Handle images up to 30,000 pixels square. Export cube faces. Antialiasing. Sharpen & de-halo.

Red Giant VFX Suite 1.5.1 Plugin for Adobe After Effects
Red Giant VFX Suite 1.5.1 Plugin for Adobe After Effects
Win64 | 625 MB

VFX Suite offers a powerful toolkit for realistic visual effects composites in After Effects. With Supercomp, light and atmospheric effects interact with all of your layers and the elements of a scene in a far more natural way than can be modeled with a simple stack of 2D layers. VFX Suite also includes tools for adding shadows and reflections that speed up some of the essential parts of creating a professional composite.

Rowbyte Plexus 3.1.13 Plugin for Adobe After Effects
Languages: English | 17 MB

A plug-in designed to bring generative art closer to a non-linear program like After Effects. It lets you create, manipulate and visualize data in a procedural manner. Not only you can render the particles, but also create all sorts of interesting relationships between them based on various parameters using lines and triangles. The workflow for Plexus is very modular allowing you to create truly infinite set of configurations and parameters.

FXhome Ignite Pro 4.1.9221.34279 Plugin for Adobe After Effects
Languages: English | 46 MB

Already in a committed relationship with your editor? No problem. Ignite Pro gives you over 185 plugins to fire up your software of choice. Experiment with over 560 visual effects, presets and the industry's best suite of 360 filters. No strings attached.

Superluminal Stardust 1.6.0 Plugin for Adobe After Effects
Win x64 | Languages: English | 108 MB

Modular Particle System - Stardust is a Modular 3D particle system for After Effects. It has an easy to use node based user interface and ships with a host of presets to create stunning effects.

Avenza MAPublisher 10.6 Plugin for Adobe Illustrator
Avenza MAPublisher 10.6 Plugin for Adobe Illustrator | 351 MB

Finally, high-quality map production software that works. MAPublisher cartography software seamlessly integrates over 40 GIS tools into the Adobe Illustrator environment to help you create maps the way you want, how you want. Import the most widely used GIS data formats, including those from ESRI, MapInfo, MicroStation, AutoCAD, Google and the U.S. Government. All GIS data attributes and geographic parameters are maintained, are fully accessible and editable.

SubSpline 1.11 for 3ds Max
SubSpline 1.11 for 3ds Max
MAX | Plugin | 111 KB

SubSpline is an Advanced Subobject Selector & Material IDs Editor for spline shapes in Autodesk 3dsMax.

DAZtoMaya 1.0 - Maya Bridge