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CodeCanyon - Animator - RIP
CodeCanyon - Animator - RIP | 198 KB

“Animator” gives you the possibility to animate almost every single HTML element on the page.

It can’t be easier to do. Just add a class called “animate” + <<animation name>>

Sometime you will need to do the animation faster. So, only add another class called “quick” and it will reduce the animation time.

You have 50 different animations to choose. 29 to appear HTML elements and 21 disappear animations.

Also I’ll give you a javascript function, to control the animation flow. Even if you don’t know anything about javascript, you will be able to change the animations in real time.

It works amazing on iPhone, iPad and some other mobile devices.

Also works in Chrome, Opera, Firefox. IE is not supported yet, but still perform the enter and exit animation.

Downloading the “Animator” script, you will have:

- A documentation file. - Examples files. - A css that contains all the animations. - 2 javascript functions to control and animate everything in real time.

CodeCanyon - Uber Audio - Premium Wordpress Plugin - V2.0
CodeCanyon - Uber Audio - Premium Wordpress Plugin - V2.0 | 5,04 MB


  • In Post/Page Live Preview Über Audio Generator
  • Drag-N-Drop Playlist Sorting
  • Width Control Settings in Post/Page and Widget
  • Language Support for Spanish, Russian and German
  • Multi-Player Per-Page Support
  • Perfect solution for iOS and Android devices
  • HTML5 with a Flash fallback
  • Multiple playlist manager in WP Admin
  • Plays .Mp3, .Ogg, & .Wav files
  • Pick your accent color scheme
  • Dark and Light color schemes
  • Works great in all major browsers!

CodeCanyon - Word Search Game - RIP
CodeCanyon - Word Search Game - RIP | 2,55 MB

Create easily all the puzzles you want thanks to the admin interface, No Installation required, just upload the script and start using it right away (see documentation). Some features:

  • Compatible with all browsers (even IE6 o_O)
  • Works on IPAD !!!!!
  • Easy to install
  • very addictive (is this a feature? XD)
  • Very light-weight
  • Great support

CodeCanyon - Banner Exchange Manager
CodeCanyon - Banner Exchange Manager | 2,58 MB
Banner Exchange Manager enables you to run extensive banner exchange network site. Visitors can exchange banner displays with each other and you can earn by selling banner impressions that web site automatically generates.

Key Features

  • Support for multiple campaigns for each member.
  • Support for multiple banners for each campaign.
  • Multiple size banner support.
  • Save and transfer credits between campaigns.
  • Real time statistics, detailed statistic for each campaign.
  • Unlimited number of admin controlled categories.
  • Members can get bonus impressions for clicks on their pages.
  • Members can stop showing their banners to save impressions for more intensive campaign.
  • Extensive stats.
  • Member signup bonus scheme.
  • Secure server integration for payment (Paypal) -PayPal Business Account Required.
  • Members can add Multiple Banners.

CodeCanyon - BackSlider - Fullscreen Background Image Slider - RIP
CodeCanyon - BackSlider - Fullscreen Background Image Slider - RIP | 133 KB
BackSlider – site background image slider is an elegant and flexible solution for creative designs. Among other features this plugin offers five different slide modes to choose from and ability to load images directly from Flickr or Picasa

CodeCanyon - Ajaxy
CodeCanyon - Ajaxy | 70,1 KB

Ajaxy is an unobtrusive, degradable and accessible Ajax integration solution. Ajaxy helps you to produce entire Ajax-driven websites, similar in functionality to Facebook and Google Mail.


  • Back button support – many Ajax driven websites don’t support the back-button in browsers, meaning that users have no means to bring back previous content. Ajaxy utilises a hashing mechanism to enable this.
  • Bookmarkable URLs – whenever new content is loaded, the URL ’s hash will change to reflect the changes – this URL is unique and can be used to retrieve the same content at a later date, much like a regular URL .
  • Configurable loading notifier – built-in to Ajaxy is a flexible “loader” that is used to inform the user of a pending request.

CodeCanyon: QuickOptimizer, Minify your JS/CSS, Save Traffic | PHP | 1.6mb




  • QuickOptimizer is an easy-to-use optimizer for your javascript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) files. It saves you bandwidth and makes your website load faster.  It minifies your JS and/or CSS files and combines them so the user’s browser won’t have to download many files.

CodeCanyon - Vector Animated Countdown With Progress Bar - RIP
CodeCanyon - Vector Animated Countdown With Progress Bar - RIP | 2,7 MB

This Countdown is powered with a great cross-platform library — Raphaël — that uses SVG animation wherever it’s supported (and VML for IE browsers). Includes jQuery and several plugins for styling text with shadow and for background animation. Very easy to install. No technical knowledge needed for basic usage.

- Vector-based counter animation - Scalable - Nice-looking progress bar - Easy to install - No special knowledge needed - Valid HTML

CodeCanyon - 360? Panoramic Viewer - RIP
CodeCanyon - 360? Panoramic Viewer - RIP | 196 KB
A panorama is a wide-angle view made from a series of images combined together using special software. It offers a very realistic experience, giving the sensation that the user is right there on the location. The plugin manipulates such a panorama and uses jQuery to rotate, add hotspots and integrate it on mobile, touchpads and desktop browsers.


  • mobile/touchpads support
  • auto-scroll with sliding controls
  • image smart preloader
  • 160/360 degree visibility
  • hotspots + fancybox integration
  • multiple panorama selection + carouFredSel integration
  • well documented + support

CodeCanyon - Gaur - Countdown with animation - RIP
CodeCanyon - Gaur - Countdown with animation - RIP | 1,02 MB
Easy adaptable countdown, under construction – page. Including manual for easy set-up.

SmartAddons - SJ Content Cool Showcase - Joomla! Module For 2.5
SmartAddons - SJ Content Cool Showcase - Joomla! Module For 2.5 | 473 KB
SJ Content Cool Showcase is a charming front-end module for Joomla! Website. Designed for Content component, this allows Joomla! articles to become interesting showcase or gallery with: nice buttons to navigate through items, an auto sliding of items over the front-page, clickable links to the main article...
With nice image and other details this module can show and many styles it has, SJ Content Cool Showcase is highly flexible module for manipulating content that you had in Joomla! You can change the speed of sliding and choose which effect you want to apply for image re-sizing. Besides, you can customize the module in width, height and other parameters to suit your needs in the back-end.
Other main features of SJ Content Cool Showcase are described as below:
#     Main Features
1.     Support Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5
2.     Fully compatible with IE7+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.
3.     Support 4 themes. You can see the screenshots below.
4.     Support 2 navigation types: buttons and direction
5.     Support Multi-Module in the same page
6.     Support Multi-Language
7.     Allow to change width and height of module
8.     Allow to read data from any categories
9.     Allow for using mouse wheel to move items
10.     Allow to sort order by: Recently Added/Recently Modifie/ Most View/ Odering/Title field or Random
11.     Support limiting total articles which will be showed
12.     Support SEO (Search engine optimization)
13.     Easy to change the title/description of article and the number of characters
14.     Support the link to title of article high-lighting
15.     Support opening links in: Parent Window, New Window or Popup
16.     Allow to change width/height of images
17.     Support many modes for resizing image
18.     Add note for the module in some cases.
19.     Support caching to make your website load faster

CodeCanyon - MoodThingy Mood Rating Widget for WordPress PRO
CodeCanyon - MoodThingy Mood Rating Widget for WordPress PRO | 243 KB

MoodThingy is a plugin that any blogger can use to track the emotional feedback of an individual blog post or article. The plugin can be configured to automatically appear below all of your posts, or manually placed anywhere within a post using a handy WordPress tag. A dashboard of MoodThingy stats is also offered so you can see which articles excite, amuse, or bore your readers, sorted by mood or number of votes in the past day, week, or month.

A WordPress Widget is also included in the plug-in as a way to show readers the most popular blog posts in the past day, week, month or year. The PRO version allows publishers to customize the moods and colors of the plug-in for their blog.


  • MoodThingy Plugin – Better than a “like” or “dislike,” this handy widget is a simple way to express how an article makes them feel; we’ve found it encouraging feedback from lurkers and reducing flame bait from trolls too.
  • Admin Dashboard – See which articles excite, amuse, or bore your readers. Sort the content by mood and number of votes in the past day, week, or month. Use this data to learn about the mood of your audience, decide which stories to chase, or as an internal leaderboard to encourage your writers. You can customize the moods and colors as well.
  • MoodThingy Widget – Feature the most voted on articles on your site. Mood-based ratings are a better indicator of interest than number of comments or pageviews, making this widget a good compliment or replacement to typical “Most Popular” modules. Articles can also be filtered for just the most recent, or of all time.