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CodeCanyon - Thumbnail Gallery Slider - RIP
CodeCanyon - Thumbnail Gallery Slider - RIP | 737 MB

jQuery thumbnail slider with popping out borders. Two modes/styles: popping out bottom border and without. Enjoy this simple and flawless image slider gallery.

Get rid of clumsy buttons, make navigation intuitive!

About Thumbnail Slider

Thumbnail Slider works through mouse movements and does not require a user to click anything, which enhances user engagement greatly.

Mouse Movement

Thumbnails are moved reading user’s mouse, which is more intuitive and creates a better user experience. Fluid Width

You can stretch Thumbnail Slider as much as you want. Create any (even dynamic) width sliders. Thumbnail Size

You can use any thumbnail size. The slider will adapt automatically, you will just have to set size of the background. Shadows

In the beginning and the end of the slider there are overlay hadows that hide thumbnails more naturally. Flow Slider

Thumbnail Slider uses Flow Slider Free, a powerful and customizable jQuery plugin. Inactive Thumbnails

When user hovers one of the thumbnails the other ones are dimmed to allow user to concentrate on the active item. Customizable

You can easily change the background image and thumbnail border colors. Browser Support

This script supports all major browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Light Effect

On active items an overlay image in the top left corner is placed to create a clean glass light effect. Smooth Sliding

Thumbnail Slider is powered by Flow Slider jQuery plugin which moves flawlessly and you can choose from many transition effects. Title Text

Under each thumbnail you can put any text or HTML , or leave it completely empty if you just want a border around an active item.


CodeCanyon: WP Boxer Pro v1.03  | 5.4 MB
  • A WordPress plugin that will assist in creating beautiful content boxes by using 1 simple shortcode. Each of these boxes can contain a header, an image, some content and an optional link which can point to any given location. Boxes can be added to any section in your WordPress theme that supports shortcodes, so basically anywhere.


CodeCanyon - SlimPicker - HTML5/jQuery ColorPicker / Setter  RAR:14 MB



SlimPicker Features:

  • Color Picker – Set the input value to the picked color.
  • Set any html/css color property such as background-color, color, border-color etc.
  • Easy to use – set a class on any element and add the optional sp-target attribute to set what color property to change.
  • Uses HTML5 canvas element.
  • Cross browser capable.
  • Mobile Ready – Android and Apple.
  • Extremely lightweight(Slim, Slim, Slim)- Only 2KB.
  • Slim, Simple and Elegant.

DataLife Engine v9.6 Final

DataLife Engine v9.6 Final (Nulled by M.I.D-team) | 4.4 MB

DataLife Engine is a multi-user news cursor is intended to organize their own media on the web. Thanks to a powerful system of publication, tuning and editing of news, the engine a step further ahead of its nearest competitors. And thanks to the accurate and well thought-out structure of the nucleus, minimizes the demands on server resources, the engine is able to easily work with vysokoposeschaemymi projects, without creating any special loads on server.

CodeCanyon - Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens | 14 MB


     MORE DETAIL     


Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens are a collection of web elements that are designed with pure CSS3 technology meaning that no images have been used apart from the background images.

Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens are a collection of web elements that are designed with pure CSS3 technology meaning that no images have been used apart from the background images.
This particular pack is the CSS3 display screens which are a nice modern way of showcasing your application, website or portfolio gallery using CSS3 powered display ‘vectors’. It includes an iphone 4, imac screen, macbook pro, macbook air, and an ipad 2. All the models also come with black and white variations.


CodeCanyon - Restrict Content Pro - Premium Content Plugin | 26 MB
javascript JS, CSS, PHP 
  • Restrict Content Pro is a complete subscription and premium content manager plugin for WordPress. Create an unlimited number of subscription levels, including free, trial and premium. Manage member’s and their subscriptions, track payments, offer discounts with a complete discount code system, and provide premium, members only content to your subscribers.

10 Responsive All Devices Layouts. Set. HTML5 - Codecanyon | 13 MB




Set of 10 website pages-layouts can serve as a base for full website that fits all screen resolutions. Written in HTML5 , calculated in percentage.

You can assemble pages and inner blocks of markup according your needs by simple copy-paste from one file to another. Each HTML page comes in separate folder and accompanied with specific stylesheets (general, individual, for small devices).



CodeCanyon - Sharp User Management System | 13 MB
CSS, HTML, javascript JS, PHP, SQL 


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  • Sharp User Management (Sharp UMS ) is a MySql and PHP application that is designed to be easily integrated into an existing PHP solution or be used as the base for your next php project. It will allow your website users to immediately sign up with your system straight out of the box. This is not a bunch of PHP scripts waked together. This is the real deal.


Post Affiliate Network [Not null!]
Post Affiliate Network [Not null!]

Post Affiliate Network [Not null!] | 107 MB


Post Affiliate Network

Post Affiliate Network is the ultimate affiliate network software with accurate tracking, high performance, advanced affiliate marketing features and a unique user interface. Post Affiliate Network is fully scalable to fit the requirements of both large and small  businesses, to create and manage successful affiliate networks. 

Post Affiliate Network is a turnkey, ready to use affiliate network solution and is the best choice compared to a large amount of affiliate network software.

It is offered in two basic licensing models:

  • Hosted Affiliate Network - installed on our servers, maintained, periodically upgraded and watched by our support crew for a small monthly fee
  • Owned Licenses - installed on your server; you have full control over your data. For a one-time fee you get full featured affiliate network software without any hidden costs or monthly fees.


Create a freelance site where buyers can post projects/jobs and providers can bid on them on maps. Buyers can post projects and they can be showed on Maps in real time. Providers can post bids on live projects on maps too. With a Powerful Admin this script combines all features of our Guru Freelancer Marketplace Pro 2.0. You can create your own global talent search marketplace with this script. Service seekers can post their requirements through this script and the service providers can place their bids for doing the job. Configurable features and fully customizable colors, styles, fonts and graphics. Platform: Php/My Sql.

Spiderbox 1.1 | 16 MB