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SQLite Expert Professional Final


SQLite Expert Professional Final | 42 MB

SQLite Expert - is a professional and powerful administration tool for your SQLite databases. Are you developing SQLite3 databases and need an easy and powerful tool? SQLite Expert is the perfect choice. It is the most feature rich administration and development tool for SQLite. SQLite Expert is designed to answer the needs of all users, from writing simple SQL queries to developing complex databases.

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The graphical interface supports all SQLite features. It includes a visual query builder, an SQL editor with syntax highlighting and code completion, visual table and view designers and powerful import and export capabilities.

Main Features include:
1. Modify table structure visually without losing data already existing in the database. SQLite Expert will automatically create a new table with the new structure and copy the data from the old table. All the operations are wrapped in a transaction which is rolled back if any error occurs during the process.
2. Build SQL scripts visually using the integrated Query Builder.
3. Create SQLite3 databases, view and change database parameters, check database integrity and vacuum (compact) database.
4. The Data Transfer Wizard allows import/export from/to SQL script, another SQLite database or an ADO data source.
5. Display and edit data in the grid, including BLOB and image fields. Currently supports BMP, JPG and PNG image formats.
6. BLOB fields can be edited with the integrated hex editor.
7. Execute SQL queries. Supports multiple SQL statements in the same query.
8. In-grid editing of live queries.
9. Save/Load SQL scripts to/from file.
10. Transaction support. SQLite supports one level of transactions.
11. Data mapping. SQLite Expert supports custom data types, and 40 predefined data types.
12. Extend and enhance SQLite Expert using Lua or Pascal scripts.

OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win 7/Win 8.




Download now LINK