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BackToCAD CADdirect 2020 v9.2a (x64) Multilingual
BackToCAD CADdirect 2020 v9.2a (x64) Multilingual | 267.7 Mb
BackToCAD CADdirect a Professional Grade 2D/3D CAD Program for "Viewer Price".

Athentech Perfectly Clear Complete (x64)
Athentech Perfectly Clear Complete (x64) | 100 Mb
Built for precision. Made for beauty. Above all, you want better photos. But what if you could have better photos faster? Perfectly Clear has mastered the science of intelligent image correction - creating superior quality photos in record time, so you can get back to doing what you really no time.

Altium Designer 20.0.11 Build 256 (x64)
Altium Designer 20.0.11 Build 256 (x64) | 2.41 Gb
Altium is the world's leading provider of PCB design software, PCB component and data management software and the host of AltiumLive - the industry's fastest-growing conference for PCB designers and engineers.

Substance Alchemist 2019.1.3 (x64)
Substance Alchemist 2019.1.3 (x64) | 1.02 GB
Substance Alchemist is a next-generation tool dedicated to material authoring, exploration, and management. Different technologies and creation methods (procedural-based, capture-based, AI-based and manual) help you manage entire material libraries and export them to other applications.

SoftwareNetz MyMoney 3.35 Multilingual
SoftwareNetz MyMoney 3.35 Multilingual | 16.1 Mb
With MyMoney it is easy and simple to manage and archive your finances. The program offers you evaluations and statistics with regard to your bank transactions with just a click of the mouse.

SoftwareNetz Budget Book 7.15 Multilingual
SoftwareNetz Budget Book 7.15 Multilingual | 17.1 Mb
"Where did all the money go?" Who did not ask himself this question! With the Softwarenetz Budget Book you get an answer without complicated arithmetical calculations and massive entries. Because the usage of the Budget Book is simple and fast, you can enter all revenues and expenses of one day in just a few minutes.

Print Conductor 7.0.2001.20200
Print Conductor 7.0.2001.20200 Multilingual REPACK | 196 Mb
Print Conductor is a simple batch printing utility. If you regularly have to open and print a large number of files, this elegant tool can be a real timesaver. Once you tell it which files to print, Print Conductor automates the rest of the process. Print Conductor is easy to use. Create a list of files to be printed. All sorts of formats are supported: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Publisher), Autodesk AutoCAD, HTML, SVG, etc.

Lucion FileCenter Suite 11.0.19
Lucion FileCenter Suite 11.0.19 | 218.2 Mb
FileCenter DMS is the most fully-featured and inexpensive document management software for small offices. It combines easy scanning and file organization with powerful PDF creation and editing. It also includes OCR, search, and integration with cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. Feature-for-feature, FileCenter DMS delivers at a price the competition can't touch.

Karaosoft Song List Generator 5.1.9
Karaosoft Song List Generator 5.1.9 | 11 Mb
Generate professional song books from your MP3, MP3+G karaoke, or video files in just a few clicks! Song List Generator simply reads the music files right from your hard drive and creates a printable book of songs, sliced and diced any way you want (by Artist, Title, DiscID, multi-column, various font sizes, custom messages, custom paper and margin sizes). Exports to PDF format that you can have professionally printed or posted on your web site to download!

MultiBoot 2k10 DVD/USB/HDD 7.25 Unofficial
MultiBoot 2k10 DVD/USB/HDD 7.25 Unofficial
OS : 32/64 bit | Language : Russian / English | File Size : 5.13 GB
MultiBoot 2k10 is a multi-boot disk of the system administrator, the main purpose of which is to prepare for the hard disk, as well as to install the operating system, which includes the design and unpacking of system images, data recovery after various failures, resuscitation of the OS.

TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus 11.0 Build 056 Multilingual
TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus 11.0 Build 056 Multilingual | 0.8 Mb
Duplicate File Finder Plus - Quickly finds the duplicate files on your drives relied on file contents, you can remove the unwanted files as you expect to recover your valuable disk space, reduce the management costs and avoid the unnecessary confusion. It works very fast because of our high-speed file comparison algorithm is built-in. And the result (duplicate files) is 100% accurate due to it compares files relied on file contents, not file name, last modified date or file size.

Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.1.1014
Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.1.1014 (Win/Mac) | 130/149/206 Mb
Understand provides you with pertinent information regarding your code. Quickly see all information on functions, classes, variables, etc., how they are used, called, modified, and interacted with. Easily see call trees, metrics, references and any other information you would want to know about your code.