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Smultron 11.2 Multilingual macOS
Smultron 11.2 Multilingual | macOS | 15 mb
Smultron 11 is an elegant and powerful text editor that is easy to use.

Postico 1.5.5 macOS
Postico 1.5.5 | macOS | 10 mb
Postico provides an easy to use interface, making Postgres more accessible for newcomers and specialists alike. Postico will look familiar to anyone who has used a Mac before. Just connect to a database and begin working with tables and views. Start with the basics and learn about advanced features of PostgreSQL as you go along.

MP3 Gain 4.2.0 macOS
MP3 Gain 4.2.0 | macOS | 15 mb
MP3 Gain for mac is a simple tool designed specifically to adjust and normalize the volume of audio(mp3, wma, etc) files. It automatically normalize the volume of audio files and adjust the loudness of audio tracks without lossy. It performs statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human ear.

ApolloOne 2.3 Multilingual macOS
ApolloOne 2.3 Multilingual | macOS | 19 mb
Designed from the ground up as a fast, efficient and feature rich media viewer. ApolloOne uses advanced Operating System features such as multi-threading, Grand Central Dispatch, and Core Image graphics to ensure app responsiveness.

Pro Disk Cleaner 1.4.1 macOS
Pro Disk Cleaner 1.4.1 | macOS | 6 mb
Let Pro Disk Cleaner free up your hard drive space! Disk Cleaner does all the work for you! We've optimised the most efficient locations to quickly scan and remove all the junk taking up your valuable disk space.

MarginNote 3.2.2002 Multilingual macOS

MarginNote 3.2.2002 Multilingual | macOS | 210Mb
MarginNote is a powerful reading tool for learners. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a researcher, a lawyer or someone with a curious mind to learn, MarginNote can help you quickly organize, study and manage large volumes of PDFs and EPUBs.

Ableton Live Suite v10.0.6 MacOSX Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R
Ableton Live Suite v10.0.6 MacOSX Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R
R2R | 09 January 2019 | 1.21 GB
Create bolder sounds with Live’s new devices. Stay in the flow with a multitude of workflow improvements. Do even more away from the computer with Push. Build your sound with a curated library. And get the unlimited potential of Max for Live, seamlessly built in.

VueScan Pro 9.6.31 Multilingual macOS
VueScan Pro 9.6.31 Multilingual macOS | 17 MB
VueScan, the world's most popular scanner software, is used extensively by photographers, home users, scanning services and corporations. VueScan is a scanning program that works with most high-quality flatbed and film scanners to produce scans that have excellent color fidelity and color balance. It is very easy to use, and also has advanced features for restoring faded colors, batch scanning and other features used by professional photographers.

Pixelmator Pro 1.3.0 Multilingual  macOS
Pixelmator Pro 1.3.0 Multilingual | macOS | 172 mb
Pixelmator Pro is an incredibly powerful, beautiful, and easy to use image editor designed exclusively for Mac. With a wide range of professional-grade, nondestructive image editing tools, Pixelmator Pro lets you bring out the best in your photos, create gorgeous compositions and designs, draw, paint, apply stunning effects, design beautiful text...

Macgo Blu-ray Player Pro 3.3.11 Multilingual macOS
Macgo Blu-ray Player Pro 3.3.11 Multilingual | macOS | 46 mb
Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro version is the best entertainment choice for the original Blu-ray Menu, Blu-ray Disc, ISO files, and BDMV folder. The Pro version enhances 4K video viewing experience and original audio quality, and improves player performance with better hardware acceleration.

Mac FoneLab for iOS 9.1.32 macOS
Mac FoneLab for iOS 9.1.32 | macOS | 45 mb
If you are just careless to drop your iPhone into water, how to recover lost photos/videos and other files from your iPhone? The Mac iPhone Data Recovery Software can help you! What's more, whether your iOS device is locked because of the lost or forgotten password, or it gets smashed, damaged, or even broken, all the data are not lost!

KCNcrew Pack 02-15-19 macOS
KCNcrew Pack 02-15-19 macOS | 5.9 MB
Database of serials/cracks for macOS

SnippetsLab 1.8.4 macOS
SnippetsLab 1.8.4 | macOS | 15 mb
Stop reinventing the wheel - be more productive with SnippetsLab. SnippetsLab is an easy-to-use snippets manager. It helps you to collect and organize valuable code snippets and makes sure that you have easy access to them whenever you want.

Wondershare Filmora Multilingual macOS

Wondershare Filmora | Multilingual | macOS | 276 mb
Wondershare Filmora is an easy-to-use yet powerful video-editing app to edit and retouch videos with rich video and photo editing functions like trimming, cropping, rotating, adding stylish titles, applying filter effects, inserting transition and motion effects, etc.

Macsome iTunes Converter 2.4.3 Multilingual macOS
Macsome iTunes Converter 2.4.3 Multilingual | macOS | 36 mb
Macsome iTunes Converter can easily convert DRM-protected music and various audio files to unprotected MP3, AAC formats playable on any iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, Zune, PSP, Creative Zen, and other MP3 players at high speed and CD quality.

SnapNDrag Pro 4.3.1 macOS
SnapNDrag Pro 4.3.1 macOS | 3.3 MB
SnapNDrag Pro is screen capture made ridiculously easy. SnapNDrag started off as a simple app that lets you snap a screenshot with one click and then drag the result off to Mail, Finder or any other app that accepts an image.

JetBrains GoLand 2018.3.4 macOS
JetBrains GoLand 2018.3.4 macOS | 281 Mb
GoLand is a new commercial IDE by JetBrains aimed at providing an ergonomic environment for Go development. The new IDE extends the IntelliJ platform with the coding assistance and tool integrations specific for the Go language.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro 2.9 macOS
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro 2.9 | macOS | 9 mb
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an excellent photo-fixing tool that smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos, depending on the matching level you choose.

Balsamiq Mockups 3.5.17 macOS
Balsamiq Mockups 3.5.17 macOS | 16.1 MB
Using Mockups feels like drawing, but because it's digital, you can tweak and rearrange easily. Teams can come up with a design and iterate over it in real-time in the course of a meeting. Product managers, designers, developers, and even clients can now work together in the same tool to quickly iterate over wireframes, before writing code.

Araxis Merge Pro 2019.5137 macOS
Araxis Merge Pro 2019.5137 | macOS | 63 mb
Araxis Merge is the two- and three-way visual file comparison/merging and folder synchronization application. Use it to compare, understand and combine different versions of source code, Web pages and other text files, or even text copied and pasted from another application (e.g., Pages or Microsoft Word).