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The Pilates Playlist

The Pilates Playlist
The Pilates Playlist
Video: .mp4 (1280x720, 30 fps(r)) | Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 2ch | Size: 7.16 GB
Genre: eLearning Video | Duration: 17 lectures (5 hour, 46 mins) | Language: English

20-Minute Daily Workouts for a Toned Body
What you'll learn
Learn to practically apply the basic Pilates knowledge and fundamentals to 20-minute daily workouts.
Learn how to consistently develop the 6 Pilates principles.
Learn how to progress from a beginner to intermediate level.
Learn how to build strength, stamina and endurance.
Learn how to commit to a Pilates routine by practising everyday.
Seek a medical specialists advice with any concerns, prior to starting workouts.
This course follows on from "The Pilates Practice: Uncovering the Basics". Please ensure you have basic knowledge to get the full benefit from this course.
A think mat. An alternative is to double-line a mat, or practise on a carpet, as opposed to a hard floor. Additional cushioning will protect your spine.
A large, rolled up towel or yoga mat - a soft surface to elevate the pelvis and legs off the mat.
OPTIONAL: A yoga block and small towel for tight hips, hamstrings and back.
If you're looking to create a daily Pilates routine, this course is designed to provide exactly that.
In today's world, it's becoming easier, and necessary, to take care of our bodies and health from the comfort of our homes. Online workouts are extremely popular, especially in this current climate. More than anything, they're helping us, not only with the health of our bodies, but with the health of our minds.
This +5 hours, user-friendly course has been designed for the beginner to Pilates, specifically looking to practise their learned knowledge within effective workouts. "The Pilates Practice: Uncovering the Basics" covers the basic knowledge. "The Pilates Playlist" gives you the opportunity to actively apply this knowledge, with the potential of progressing onto an intermediate level.
I've created this course to offer a range of 20-minute workouts to be practiced daily. I personally love a bit of a routine, and feel 20 minutes is achievable within the confines of a busy day. With workouts for everyday of the week, it's designed to collectively target the entire body, using minimal accessories. The workouts are interchangeable, so if you'd prefer working a specific area of your body, that's possible too.
The course has been set out in a way that enables you to practise at your own level and convenience, until such point that you can advance to intermediate. Once there, continue to practise the intermediate classes until such point that you're able to tackle the additional hour. You'll then have the ongoing flexibility of continuing your practice three times a week. By pairing any three, 20-minute classes together, you'll have two hours' worth of workouts, plus the additional hour, at your disposal.
Who this course is for:
Beginners who have completed the first course, The Pilates Practice: Uncovering the Basics. Alternatively, anyone who has the basic knowledge of the fundamentals and repertoire.
Intermediate students looking for a refresher, or looking for new home workouts.
Anyone with limited access to a gym/outdoors and seeking home workouts.
Anyone looking to tone, sculpt and strengthen the core and body.
Anyone wanting to create a daily Pilates mat work routine, that is effective and convenient, with the use of minimal accessories.
Anyone looking to improve their postural alignment, with the intension of investing in a healthy spine.


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