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Painting Colorful and Unique Watercolor Portraits for Beginners

Painting Colorful and Unique Watercolor Portraits for Beginners
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If you've always wanted to learn how to paint colourful watercolor portraits, this is a class for you. This Course demonstrates how to use a limited color palette to create fun vibrant pop art watercolor portraits. 

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Jacqueline Jax is a professional fine artist with years of experience working with watercolor, inks, metallics, and various painting materials.

This project and course teaches you how to achieve professional results working with watercolor for all level students. She will show you how to achieve light and deeper layers, mix colours and paint using bright colours in a fun and engaging way. 

You can incorporate the tips into your own project and learn how to take the tips and use them in future projects from the Review and Bonus Sections of her course. 

In This class you'll learn: 

– How to choose a Watercolor paint for your own journey

– How to know which brand and type of watercolor to use

– How to choose the best watercolor brushes for your projects and painting style

– How to use your mix watercolor without getting muddy color

– How to use watercolor glazes on your projects to achieve depth

– How to create a simple pop art watercolor portrait with dimension and depth

– How to paint wet on dry without blotches. 

– Including a final run down of what you can take away from this course and how to use it to reflect your personal style.

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