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Tony Marriott - Monkey Graphics - Easy Pro Graphics

Tony Marriott - Monkey Graphics - Easy Pro Graphics
Tony Marriott - Monkey Graphics - Easy Pro Graphics
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Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 53 kb/s (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 640x400, 68 kb/s, 15.00 fps(r) (eng)
Genre: Video Traning

Sales pages with lousy graphics are just that – Lousy!
They look low quality and that reflects on the product you are promoting. Poor graphics have poor conversions. Poor conversions mean you are losing money.
In many cases you should just outsource your graphics to the professionals but I know many of you don't have any capital reserve to pay for outsourcing which holds you back or means your webpages don't convert as well. Either way you are losing money.
You could do them yourself (you may already have tried) but it takes a lot of time patience and skill to produce good quality graphics. Botched up amateur graphics can be worse than no graphics at all!
But Don't Panic.... You Can Now Get....

You Can Create Professional Looking Graphics At No Cost
Monkey Graphics can show you how to easily use free tools and free images and pictures to produce cool graphics for your web site, sales pages, squeeze pages, blogs or anything else where you might some professional looking graphics.YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

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Here's my qualifications...

I am not an artist
I am not a designer
I am no good at drawing
I am not skilled in Photoshop or any other package
I've seen 12 year olds on Youtube with better graphics skills than me
I have the dexterity of a blind monkey

I know a few free applications and a few tricks that are all you need to produce great looking graphics in no time at all.
I know of bucket loads of free images, pictures, icons, banners, buttons etc. that are completely free for commercial use.
Between those two things I can show you how you can create professional looking graphics for your web sites and blogs - FOR FREE!
Every graphic on this page was created by me and the whole thing took a little over 30 minutes.
Yup! Made this one too..
Tony Marriott - Monkey Graphics - Easy Pro Graphics
I just want to be sure you are 100% clear on exactly what you get and what you don't get.
First off this is not an in depth tutorial on graphics applications.
This is not a long drawn out tutorial that will take you months or years to master.
I am not trying to turn you into graphic designers (although I've paid for worse looking graphics than you can see here!)

I do show you three free graphics applications that you can use.
I show you a few “tricks” (short cuts) so you can make graphics as good as the ones on this page
I bypass all the complicated stuff and go straight for the meat
In fact you get videos of me creating every single graphic on this page
I show you just enough to do the job so you can learn quick and fast
I give you 100 image and photo resources where you can find 100,000+ images that you can use legally and commercially
Two hours from now you can be confidently producing graphics just like these

You get
Over 2 hours of video training
My top 100 free image sources.
My top 3 free graphic applications


You can only get this here as a Warrior Special Offer
But don't hang about if you want it at a bargain price then grab it right now because

Tony Marriott - Monkey Graphics - Easy Pro Graphics

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