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FXPHD - SHK201 - Intermediate Shake I

FXPHD - SHK201 - Intermediate Shake I
FXPHD - SHK201 - Intermediate Shake I
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Shake is the main stay of feature film compositing and in this course we focus on the detailed workflow you need for real world feature film style compositing - but which are also relevant to other work such as compositing for commercials. This term we will be compositing a range of material from Cineon to Panalog and even traditional animation files. As shake is often used for compositing 3D - special attention will be given to this important area this term.

Class 1 : Car Ad Part One - Tracking, Roto
Class 2 : Car Ad Part Two - Sky Replacement, Multiplane, Colour Matching
Class 3 : A Romantic Night - Smoothcam, Quickpaint, Primatte
Class 4 : 2D Animation Composite
Class 5 : Advanced Multipass : Spaceship Part 1
Class 6 : Advanced Multipass : Spaceship Part 2
Class 7 : Intro to Expressions
Class 8 : Removal and Plate Fixup - Lens Distortion, Clean Plate Generation
Class 9 : The Oil Rig Begins
Class 10 : The Oil Rig Part 2
Class 11 : The Oil Rig Part 3(D)
Class 12 : Finessing the Oil Rig and Bonus Material

FXPHD - SHK201 - Intermediate Shake I

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