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FxPhd Digital Photography PHT 201 - 202 - 203

FxPhd Digital Photography PHT 201 - 202 - 203


Tutorials : FxPhd Digital Photography PHT 201 - 202 - 203
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FxPhd Digital Photography PHT 201 - 202 - 203

Fxphd – Digital Photography PHT201

There are a lot of aspects to photography, so we have decided to make it commercial and focus on all sorts of everyday issues. Professional photographer Tim Wheeler will show how to shoot high-end professional photographs. If you’re interested in lifting your game ? or actually working professionally- this course will be ideal for you.

Class 1: illumination and photographing bright objects (38:00).
Class 2: basic terms and technical concepts in photograph (32:40).
Class 3: landscape survey and working (28:43).
Class 4: selection of photographs, the selection of successful, work with RAW, idea to customer (41:24).
Class 5: work with model (32:48).
Class 6: work with the model (continuation) in the dynamics, in low and high key (30:42).
Class 7: work with the model on the nature, evening and night survey, effects with night survey (26:30).
Class 8: illumination by laser beam, method “light brush” (34:22).
Class 9: survey of land and work with the depth of focus (37:10).
Class 10: survey of glass capacities with different filling, work with the illumination and reflection (33:55).

fxphd – Digital Photography PHT202

We are joined by Steve Anderson who will focus on photography for VFX artists. The course will cover generating textures, HDR, shooting for matte paintings, timelaspe, how to photography normal mattes, and much more. This terms focus is really on specialist photography and showing how a DSLR can be the number one tool for a VFX supervisor on set. If you do on set work and provide assets to other members of your team this course will show you a number of ways to provide better material and speed up both workflows and render times on larger projects.
Steve is a highly award visual effects supervisor with a very strong 3D background. Many of the classes will be relevant to people with 3D skills, as well as 2D. Steve is also a very accomplished stills photographer in his own right.

Class 1: Photography for normal mapping
Class 2: Shooting for textures – part 1
Class 3: Shooting for textures – part 2, post production
Class 4: Gear and gadgets
Class 5: Shooting timelapse
Class 6: Photographing for sprites
Class 7: Photographing for HDR – part 1
Class 8: Photographing for HDR – part 2
Class 9: Mattepainting and Painting with Light
Class 10: Lens Calibration

fxphd – Digital Photography PHT203 (2 Classes)

There are a lot of aspects and approaches to photography, but many of them end up in Photoshop. Professional photographer Tim Wheeler and our own Mike Seymour will show how to shoot high-end professional photographs and then post them in Photoshop. Half of the classes will be in the field or in the studio with Tim and the other half Mike will be tackling the work in Photoshop with help from fxphd professor Rose Draper.
While most of the course will use Photoshop, other image processing tools and plugins will be used. The course aims to cover grading, HDR, tone mapping, panoramas, and more. SInce this is a 200 level course, it will assume a base level of Photoshop knowledge. Access to a digital stills camera and Photoshop is highly recommended. Post-grads will be encouraged to post their work for review. We have some exciting shoots planned, including a shoot with Jeff Heusser at the neon graveyard in Las Vegas where we pit Canon against Nikon.

Class 01: Studio layers(location PSD) Our creative piece filming models in the studio.
Class 02: Shoot out at the OK Neon Graveyard (location) Shot in the Nervada Desert we pitch Canon




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