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Backyard Food Production: Grow Your Own Groceries

Backyard Food Production: Grow Your Own Groceries
Backyard Food Production: Grow Your Own Groceries
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Turn Your Backyard Into a Self Sufficient Food Production Machine!
If you recognize that world is changing radically and that being able to grow your own food is critical to your long-term survival, then you are in the right place.  Watching this DVD is the fastest way to learn how to grow food in your backyard or small farm.  This video will save you many years of effort; the video is loaded with quality information to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

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Not long ago humans fed themselves, provided for their on needs and were largely self sufficient.  They knew how to feed themselves, how to take care of animals, what to plant and what to do when something went wrong. Our new DVD, “Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm” is your guide to recapturing that lost knowledge.

This DVD is special because it was created by a family that has actually done it, the things we will teach you to do and more importantly not to do we have already done.  We will reveal to you our successes and our failures, some of them very costly to the tune of thousands of dollars so you never have to make them yourself.

The results if you follow our methods, systems and hard proven techniques will be as much self sufficiency as you decide you want in your backyard.  In this DVD you will learn about every component of our self sufficient food production model including…

Water Harvesting and Passive Irrigation
How to Turn Any Soil into Fertile Black Gold
Which Livestock to Use and for What Purpose
Home Butchering
The Role of Dogs on a Homestead
How to Convert Your Farm or Urban Back Yard into a Food Producing Machine

Section 1:  Overview
Why we began this journey
Soil types and climate of the site

Section 2:  Water
Water sources and qualities of water
How much water do you need?
Rain water collection systems

Section 3:  Garden
Garden location
Size – how much area do you need?
Bio-Intensive gardening overview
Watering the garden
Sun and shade
Bugs and insects
Vegetable varieties and seed saving
Getting started

Section 4:  Rabbits
Housing and protection
Watering systems
Other resources

Section 5:  Home Butchering 
Butchering a rabbit
Tanning hides
Butchering poultry
Other animals

Section 6:  Poultry
Chicken breeds
Housing and egg collecting
Predator protection
Getting started

Section 7:  Dogs
Why dogs?
Dog training
Size and breeds
Final thoughts

Section 8:  Perennials: Orchards, Food Forests, and Edible Landscaping
Locations and micro climates
Using geese for fertility
Tree varieties
Planting and care of trees
Getting started

Section 9:  Other Essentials
Calorie crops
Solar food dehydration
Homemade herbicide test
Fire ants
Hog panels and tee posts
Water levels and mapping contours
Rocket stove and hay box cooker
In The Wake; a manual for outliving civilization
Propagating leuceana

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Backyard Food Production: Grow Your Own Groceries




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